A banana after the meal can alleviate the world of cate of depressed disease _

A banana after the meal can alleviate depressed disease

2017-06-26 13:16:16

Banana is common fruit, can buy all the year round. Do you know? Grow the advantage that takes banana? In daily life, eat 1-2 root banana everyday, can prevent a cold, overcome and treat body function certain indisposition. Below small make up a banana eats after talk about a meal with you, to the body experience brings what profit, the hope can help you.

Restrain the effect that causes gloomy, particularly right the person of depressed disease, eat banana to be able to feel good, because the amino acid of banana can change serum to promote element, your person promotes a mood flabbily.

Iron element is contained a lot ofin banana, so banana still can prevent anaemia, can stimulate the hematin inside blood.

Often eat banana, return OK and stable blood pressure, the potassium element in banana can reduce the risk with blood pressure and apoplectic control.

Eat banana to still conduce to promotion mental, it is especially in exam process, we can eat a banana when rest, help us restore mental.

Banana also is the good plan that treats constipation, the crude fibre that it contains a lot of, can help restore intestines and stomach normal activity, eliminate constipation.

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