This kind of person should take the world of medlar _ cate less

This kind of person should eat medlar less

2016-12-07 13:09:48

Modern medicine confirms, medlar is right what often feel not good of exhaustion, physical strength is alleged ” inferior healthy ” the crowd has apparent curative effect. This kind of person should eat medlar less.

Especially urbanite cannot leave the computer now, before sedentary computer, see a thing closer, force flesh of eye cilia shape to be in contractive and nervous shape, make crystal changes thereby protruding looks close matter with suiting, the eye is in nervous condition for a long time and cannot get rest to be able to bring about myopia. Excessive exhaustion of the vision still can bring about glaucoma. In the meantime, xerophthalmia, cataract, corneal ulcer and retina exfoliate etc, also be subject of the person that use the computer for a long time the eye is ill. Medlar and Mao Feng are joined in chrysanthemum tea, 3 kinds are the medicinal material that shields an eye, the tea that bubble comes out is famous ” tea of chrysanthemum a surname ” , suit the computer especially a group of things with common features and often review all night the student of the homework is drinkable.


Cake of medlar yam evaporate

But, after some people developed water to drink a few days continuously, cause diarrhoea however. The expert is to this explanation, although medlar is delicious, but because have property of a medicine, cannot excessive. Everyday reasonable amount is big bead 30, small-scale 50, the constitution slants cold should right amount decrease. Cannot because of medlar sweet taste, regard medlar as small snacks.

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