Eat kelp to tell the world of cate of 3 big no-no _ surely

Eat kelp to know 3 big contraindication surely

2016-11-28 10:38:37

Kelp is a kind of food that often eats, have effect of a lot of nutrition, but you ah know? Belt take impersonal person all appropriate, eat kelp to know 3 big contraindication surely.

Kelp is not everybody all appropriate, should notice below 3 contraindication:


Bamboo shoot kelp stews chop

Taste empty is cold person cannot eat kelp with the patient that has Jia Kang

Because the iodic content in kelp is higher, the can aggravating illness that these two kinds of people feed;

Pregnant woman and wet nurse do not eat kelp more

The iodic meeting that contains because of the place in kelp circulates as blood or galactic enter an embryo (baby) inside body, cause an embryo (baby) thyroid function obstacle;

Tea is not drunk immediately after eating kelp

Because drink tea,perhaps eat acerb food to be able to affect human body assimilate iron substance from inside kelp.

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