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The tall nutrition of bad news oil

2016-10-19 13:26:21

Compare with the dressing photograph such as soy and vinegar, the probability that oyster sauce appears on table is not high. Although it is called ” oily ” , not be oily actually. It basically is with be born oyster is raw material, juice is taken to condense to be become plus complementary makings modulation after thoroughlying cook.

Oyster sauce not only flavour is delicious, nutrition is particularly rich still, include protein, organic acid, iodic, calcium to wait, and among them amino acerbity phyletic more amounts to ten kinds, so oyster sauce also is called ” marine milk ” . Because give birth to oyster itself to contain more zinc, the zincic content in oyster sauce is very so high also, can regard the first selection of compensatory zinc as condiment.

Oyster sauce can be joined when the fried dish, for instance aubergine of oyster sauce lettuce, oyster sauce. But the oyster sauce when the fried dish is unfavorable join premature, can cause little taste to reduce otherwise, nutrient prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. Additional, oyster sauce can flavor alone, expect in order to mix and dip in feed the form of makings to appear, oyster sauce is joined when eating cooked wheaten food for instance. Oyster sauce also can be used at the flesh such as souse chicken wing, fish kind feed capable person, can divide fishy smell, add bright flavor.

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