Taste is frail the world of cate of _ of mud of potato taking a place

Taste is frail mud of potato taking a place

2016-09-08 10:59:47

Although vegetable now breed is much, but reject its appearance not completely also not the potato of raise, because contain a lot of,amylaceous potato can be treasure a knot in one’s heart. So how do seeing nutrient expert eat potato.

Intestines and stomach is frail eat potato mashed vegetable or fruit

The hospital in Jiangsu province is prandial division director Liu Zexuan: From eat a law to go up for, I recommend potato mud. The way is very simple, want to boil potato in water first only, or in the evaporate in boiler, squashy, become sodden can. Take out potato from inside boiler next, grind mud with ladle. Final basis the taste of each one, can impose the burden such as some of fruit vegetables, yoghurt, dried fruit to the middle of potato mud. This kind has a way, basically have profit very much to stomach or duodenum ulcer patient. Additional, above baby also can use 6 months to regard as complementary feed.

Look from the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s angle, potato sex sugariness is smooth, have the effect with benefiting taste, acetanilide, alexipharmic emergency. Accordingly, on dietotherapy of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, after potato often can be used at treating taste to enrage; of chicken pox of pain of abdomen of disaccord of bowel of lack of power, stomach, Wan, children infirmly, less to wring juice or decoct soup, juice inunction at affected part, still have certain curative effect to the mumps.

Silk of acerbity hot potato increases appetite

Zhongshan university is accessary Bian Huawei of director of division of nutrition of the 3rd hospital: Respecting potato makes food, many somes when still fry. Silk of acerbity hot potato is sweet fragile goluptious, suit be eaten together with rice or bread, everybody may know its way, I hint only here a few small doohickey. After cutting silk tomato patch, in preexistence water a little hubble-bubble. Because the starch in potato is given priority to with amylose, hubble-bubble is fried again, potato silk can compare bright fragile. Add vinegar to be able to protect the partial vitamin C that contains in potato, and oil is put in fried process, can promote what oxidation material fights in potato to absorb again. Tone becomes acerbity piquancy, still can reduce salt dosage.

Contain protein tomato patch not tall, but carbohydrate content is not little however, be regarded as to contain amylaceous staple food look upon normally, also can be used as vegetable. So, daily to needing to control prandial total caloric for the person, eat when dish tomato patch when, be about to notice to reduce the amount of partial staple food, lest quantity of heat exceeds bid.

Staple food of acting part of blood sugar Gao Ke

Advanced nutrition matchs total hospital of Beijing military region food division Yu Renwen: The potato that thoroughly cook can change face, everybody can think of starch for certain. Actually here edge, not only amylaceous content is high, amylaceous ” brother ” prandial fibrous content is not little also. They belong to carbohydrate kind nutriment, different is, starch enters human body to be able to produce quantity of heat, and prandial fiber won’t produce quantity of heat. But, prandial fiber has the effect that delays a stomach to discharge sky and peristalsis of stimulative stomach bowel however.

I suggest, the person with exorbitant blood sugar can replace one part staple food with potato. The carbohydrate content in potato is in 17% the left and right sides, than rice (26%) or steamed bread (the carbohydrate in 50%) wants low. With staple food of potato acting part, can reduce partial total quantity of heat to absorb, exorbitant to fat of fat, constipation and blood pressure, blood have very good improvement gentle sees effect. Additional, prandial fiber can be helped reduce cholesterol level and eliminate metabolization toxin in time, often eat potato to be able to reduce the incidence of a disease of colonic cancer effectively.

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