Often take the world of cate of _ of 4 great harms of convenient cover

Often eat the 4 great harms of convenient cover

2013-11-08 18:48:07

Often take convenient side 4 great harms

1. is brought about fat

Nutrition does not go to the lavatory in the round the bases of the face is flour and grease, this transfer to other localities returns pink of some gourmet powder, salt, grease, chili to wait inside flavour bag. Some are alleged ” delicious look so that meet ” , add again go up the petty ground meat of the vegetable little grain of little a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash or thimbleful. Convenient cover passes deepfry, the vitamin B that contains a lot oforiginally was destroyed thoroughly, the quantity of heat that convenient cover basically can supply place of human body activity to need only has staple food to do not have dish only as a result of convenient cover, want satiate often need to increase the amount that eat. The result is carbohydrate is mixed adipose absorb overmuch. Accordingly, often be with convenient cover feed, the result causes adipose quantity, caloric to be absorbed for a long time too much necessarily, bring about thereby fat, make the fat of heart disease, diabetic, tall blood, hypertension happening with fat and relevant disease.

2. can create human body hidebound

Move check fact according to concerning dietetics home, go to the lavatory in long-term edible among the person of the face, the person that has 60% is hidebound, the person of 54% suffers from anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, the person sense riboflavin of 23% lacks disease, the person of 16% is short of zinc, the person of 2% contracts all sorts of eye disease for lack of vitamin A. Eat convenient cover to be able to create human body more hidebound, can bring about again thereby additional a series of the happening of the disease if lack of power, angular, heart-throb, spirit is dizziness, depressed etc.

3. premature senility

In convenient cover oleaginous and general joined antioxidant, but it can decelerate oxidation speed only, defer acid to beat time, do not prevent acid effectively to be defeated. The meeting after containing oleaginous food acid to be defeated destroys nutrient part, had produced oxygen fat to pledge, have rancid taste. After the fat crossing oxygen of long-term excessive enters human body character, have certain destruction to the important enzymatic system of the body action, still can make person premature senility.

4. is met so that nutrition lacks disease

The normal life activity of human body needs 6 gist element: Namely protein, adipose, carbohydrate, mineral, vitamin and water. Should lack only among them a kind of nutriment, time grew, the person is met sicken. And the bases of convenient cover is carbohydrate, soup makings contains the dressing such as a few gourmet powder, salinity only, even if the convenient cover such as the gallinaceous juice of all sorts of items, beef juice, shrimp juice, among them the content of bovril composition is very little, cannot satisfy the nutrient capacity that we need everyday far. Even if new convenient range, if be used for a long time,replace staple food, and do not add any other provision, cause shortage of human body nutrition very easily, very adverse to health.

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