How to save the world of cate of _ of fruit juice nutrition

How to save fruit juice nutrition

2012-02-07 12:25:04

Cucumber extracts juice, dimension C is little most probably

Above all, even if be the fruit juice that after was being extracted, drinks immediately, also can have quite loss of one part nutriment. Because,this is, among the cell of fruit vegetable, have exceed small structure complexly. Be just like an unit, can have a lot of rooms, each rooms each doing his own job, puts thing is different also, cannot lump. E.g. , vitamin C scarcely can be mixed all sorts of oxidation are enzymatic encounter, meet otherwise interplay. But, when extracting juice, the razor blade that high speed rotates can destroy the cell entirely, among them all thing is mixed in together. Such, vitamin C encountered a variety of oxidation enzymatic, meet naturally disastrous. A test that my student does makes clear, after cucumber is making juice, the destruction of vitamin C is led be as high as 80% , tomato, a variety of Chinese cabbage also have similar result.

Besides vitamin C, resemble element of kind of yellow ketone, cyanine waiting refuse oxidation class status, also can have the loss of different level. As to not the fiber of dissolve sex, won’t run of course go inside juice. Not dissolve sex element also can be left in broken bits like calcium child in the center. Had better connect broken bits to eat off when drinking fruit juice conditionally.

Before extracting, iron save nutrition

A lot of people do not know, fruit vegetables juice is made in commercial production, often should undertake heating up ironing handling to fruit vegetables. That is to say, need a fruit vegetable to be ironed in the appreciably in boiling water, oxidize those enzymatic ” exterminate ” drop, also make constituent appreciably a bit softer, extract juice again next. Such, not only the loss decrescent of the vitamin, rate giving juice increases, still can make the color that extract juice bright-coloured, change not easily brown. Especially those are done not have acid vegetable, carrot, green vegetables, celery, delicacy is for instance sweet corn, must have ironed make juice again.

As to complete and vegetable fruity the sort of full abdomen feels, come down. The person that reduce weight accordingly is gone still it is better to rectify eating method, extracting juice is not good choice.

Delicacy extracts fruit juice to put a day at most

If was not boiled through ironing, after extracting juice, ought to drink immediately, can not deposit. Can say, between each minutes, vitamin and the loss that refuse oxidation class status are increasing. If be boiled through ironing,make juice again, enzymatic had been destroyed live, so airtight in freezer of short duration puts a day ought to be possible.

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