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Filling calcium of which kinds of milk is best

2012-02-07 12:25:08

It is good that we often say to drink milk filling calcium, but the milk that there is different sort on market, is the result that is filling calcium same?

Filling calcium of which kinds of milk is best

As a result of processing technique rise ceaselessly, the sort of milk and its goods is increasing, it is the change of gust not merely, connect nutrient composition to also be changed somewhat, change even very big, fill from this to how selecting milk and its product calcium also became the issue that must consider.

Complete fat is suckled, namely our common common milk, protein content is made an appointment with 3% , adipose content is made an appointment with 3% , calcic content makes an appointment with 120 milligram / 100 milliliter, contain K of vitamin of fat dissolve sex, A, E to wait, it is us one of optimal food of filling calcium.

Half defatted grandma and defatted grandma, the adipose content of half defatted grandma is about 1.5% , the adipose content of defatted grandma is low to 0.5% . Those fear obese person always feels to should choose defatted grandma, actually, a variety of vitamins that contain in milk, if vitamin K, A, E is vitamin of fat dissolve sex, those who hide in milk is adipose in the center, defatted while these vitamins also were lost subsequently, adverse to human body development. In addition the aroma of milk also is to lean adipose medium volatilization composition, not adipose, milk does not have fragrance. So, if give old person selected milk, might as well choose half defatted grandma; It is the child chooses complete fat milk certainly.

Tall calcium is suckled, milk itself contains calcic amount very tall (120 milligram / 100 milliliter) , and absorptivity is tall, it is add calcium again additionally, also cannot increase too much, do not pass at most 130 – 140 milligram / 100 milliliter, and the mouthfeel that still can affect milk badly, sweet slippery feeling decreases, coarse mouthfeel increases. Extra calcium is not lacteal calcium mostly, however calcic other salt kind, wait like calcium carbonate, cost is low, absorptivity is not tall also. Accordingly, want filling calcium many somes, it drink a few milk more than ever is good to drink a few milks more than ever, do not need so called tall calcic milk.

Add the compound milk of vitamin A, D, vitamin A, D in gastric bowel to calcic absorption the process is having main effect, it is better that because this adds the compound milk after,action is met.

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