Take the world of cate of _ of anaemia of banana caution reducing weight

Eat anaemia of banana caution reducing weight

2012-02-07 12:23:02

The nutrition of banana is very rich, besides contain amylaceous, protein, sugar cent and pectic and outside a variety of vitamins, still contain calcic, phosphor, iron to wait a variety of mineral.

Lift in day Han before long before ” banana upsurge reducing weight ” pass into home recently, many personages reducing weight eagerly follow the lead of. To this, director of digestive division of the first accessary hospital Professor Liu Fengbin points out university of medicine of Guangzhou traditional Chinese medical science, although banana nutrition is richer, but contains human body place needs a vitamin to reach mineral not all ready, if be a purpose in order to reduce weight for a long time,regard banana as prandial staple food, easy bring about nutrient unbalance, suffer from even on anaemia or other disease.

Eat anaemia of banana caution reducing weight


Have banana taste reducing weight or ” meet with blame “

“Eat banana to match plain boiled water in the morning, as usual of lunch, dinner eats to be met thin ” , allegedly this is Japan’s popular recently banana law reducing weight. According to the report, japan is fat dark beauty childe experiences female star banana law reducing weight, thin inside a half moon 7 kilograms, cause sensation instantly. Have believe in the personage analysis of this kind of law reducing weight says, the calorie of banana is not tall, the banana that controls according to weighing a 100 grams contains 87 calorie only, and the plain cooked rice of a bowl of 100 grams contains 150 calorie about, become with banana accordingly staple food, absorbed quantity of heat is lower. And breakfast eats a few banana to match boiled water, can let a stomach produce satiated move, after eating lunch midday, eat two banana again, can abound the ferment in the stomach, let digest become fast, make the medium, dinner that as usual absorbs won’t increase in the corner in gastric bowel adipose.

To this, professor Liu thinks, banana and water are drunk piece full bilge the practice of feeling is unfavorable advocate, “In some sense, this kind full bilge, the condition that does not want to have a thing is a kind of morbid state, gastric bowel won’t feel comfortable. ” he points out, the calorie that somebody thinks banana place is contained is not much, that must see intake, if one day eats 9 only, the question is not big. Dan Reyi day takes 56, do not say problem of quantity of heat first, xu Han of not may little taste or the person with digestive undesirable function are overcome early. “We eat banana to be able to have a thick fur commonly, because its sex is cold,this is weight in wet base. ” Professor Liu points out, accordingly, want to try this to plant ” banana law reducing weight ” the intestines and stomach that the person must have weighed in the hand him beforehand, can not make taste innocent ” meet with blame ” .

Additional, banana of long-term and hollow edible, not only secrete to hydrochloric acid in gastric juice adverse, still can absorb because of nutrition too onefold cause anemia. And for the crowd with not whole function of urgent to sufferring from chronic nephritis, kidney, this kind of method reducing weight is big fear more. Because more sylvite is contained in banana, if edible excessive can increase the burden of kidney function, those who defer an illness improve, have the possibility that causes illness aggravation. Additional, banana contains starch and candy cent to be abounded quite, accordingly, the diabetic also should notice intake, lest blood sugar is unusual,cause a disease.

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