The effect of mango and the world of action _ cate

The effect of mango and action

2013-11-09 12:55:07

What do the effect of mango and action have? The effect of mango and action: Flavour pleasant, acerbity, the gender is small cold. Beneficial stomach stops vomit, ; of effect of diuretic of satisfy one’s thirst advocate treat thirsty pharynx to work, inappetence, dyspeptic, dizzy vomiting, pharynx painful sound is dumb, cough is phlegmy much, the disease such as asthma.

The effect of mango and action

The effect of mango and action are specific have the following:

1, the effect that edible mango has clear intestines and stomach, to carsick, seasick it is certain to have stop say action.

2, fight cancer. According to contemporary dietotherapy viewpoint character, mango contains many vitamin A, because this is had,defend the cancer, action that fights cancer.

3, beautification skin. Because many vitamin is contained in mango, accordingly often edible mango, can have the effect of moist skin.

4, hypertension of prevention and cure, arteriosclerosis. Mango is contained nutriment and vitamin C, mineral etc, besides having the effect that prevents cancer, also have the dietotherapy effect that avoids arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure at the same time.

5, constipation of prevention and cure. Many fiber is contained in earthy mango, can promote defecate, have certain profit to constipation of prevention and cure.

6, antiseptic. The extraction content of mango leaf can restrain bacili of fester coccus, coliform organisms, green pus. Still have the effect that restrains flu virus at the same time.

The effect of mango and action

The effect of mango and action and treat a disease folk prescription:

1, remedial pass water is adverse. With makings: Mango a certain number of. Method: Unripe feed mango, or it is to use offspring of leach bubble mango tea is drinkable.

2, cure is chronic sore throat, cracked. With makings: Mango 1-2. Method: Abluent hind water simmer in water, acting tea is drinkable.

3, remedial amenorrhoea. With makings: Mango piece 20 grams, peach kernel 9 grams, safflower 9 grams, angelica 9 grams, the root of herbaceous peony 9 grams, cultivated land 30 grams. Method: Will afore-mentioned using expect to be taken after water simmer in water together. Daily 1 agent.

4, remedial cough is phlegmy much. With makings: Mango 50 grams, white sugar 25 grams, green tea 1 gram. Method: Go to mango the nucleus takes flesh, add water 400 milliliter boil 3 minutes, join green tea and white sugar can. Optional edible.

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