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Measure which kinds of food to measure to help you discharge poison?

2012-02-07 14:02:37

How many toxin to accumulate inside your body? If you accord with 3 in Test completely, express you then ” body endotoxin ” had piled rose, should keep clear of inside rapid land executive system.

Oral cavity has feeling of sticky be bored with, there is white fur on the tongue.

When having a meal, always be very hurried, without to nibble slow pharynx.

Measles often rises on the face, blain blain is long ceaseless.

Like to often take treatment treated delicate food.

Life insecurity, eat and drink too much.

Arrive afternoon, crus begins strut.

Often did not drink the good convention of water.

The body discharges the food of poisonous need

Pollute as the environment increasingly serious, modern takes the health of oneself seriously more and more. The expert points out, eliminate the harmful material inside body and superfluous nutrition in time only, maintain the cleanness inside the five internal organs and body, what just can hold the body is strong and handsome. 5 kinds are recommended to you here already the food discharging poison of natural economy.


The cucumber that cucumber place contains is acerbity, what can promote human body is metabolic, eduction toxin. The content of vitamin C is 5 times higher than watermelon, can beautiful white skin, keep stretch, restrain the formation of melanin. Cucumber still can restrain carbohydrate material translate into adipose, reach to lung, stomach, heart, liver excrete a system very beneficial. Painful or easy be agitated, thirsty, larynx is phlegmy in summer much, eat cucumber to conduce to dissolve inflammation.


Agaric contains a lot ofC of phosphatide of carbohydrate, colloid, head, cellulose, dextrose, xylose, lecithin, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin, protein, iron, calcic, phosphor to wait for a variety of nutrition composition, be known as ” the meat or fish in element ” . A kind of plant that contains in agaric is colloid, have stronger absorption affinity, can be in remain the dirt impurity concentration of human body digestion is adsorptive, again outside eduction body, have the effect of a poisonous clear stomach thereby.


Carrot contains a lot ofelement of A of carbohydrate, adipose, naphtha, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, cyanine, carotene, calcic, iron to wait for nutrient composition. Modern medicine has proved, carrot is effective alexipharmic food, it contains rich carotene not only, and contain many vitamin A and pectic, after be united in wedlock with the mercuric ion inside body, can reduce the concentration of mercuric ion in blood effectively, quicken the eduction of mercuric ion inside body.

Pig blood

Our country traditional medicine thinks, pig blood is advantageous bowel is aperient, cleared the effect that bowel dirties. Modern medicine confirms, after the serous albumen in pig blood is decomposed by the hydrochloric acid in gastric juice inside human body, can produce a kind of detoxify, clear bowel resolve matter, this kind of material can with invade particle of the dust inside human body, harmful metal to produce biochemical reaction, next from enteron eduction body outside.


The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks kelp sex is cold, flavour is salty, the function is soft firm medicinal powder water of knot, clear hot advantage, go fat step-down. Modern medicine thinks the brown alga acid in kelp can decelerate radioelement Strontium to be absorb by bowel, and can outside eduction body, consequently the sea accompanies the action that prevents leukaemia, excrete action to entering the cadmium inside body to also have.

Motion makes a poison more complete

Motion not only be helpful for preventing constipation, more but outside body of overmuch nutrient element eduction will be being absorbed inside body. Perspiring in great quantities after motion is the optimal way that discharges poison through the skin. If you are office worker,be so busy that do not have time to go really gym moves, also can take the athletic kind of forthright. In recent years ” double ” be considered as the handiest, economy and active campaign having oxygen, good even Yu Man runs. If can undertake 3-5 every week second motion, undertake metabolism is the most effective in order to invite the body, the cheapest means that discharge poison.

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