Grow stomach and in the world of tea _ cate

Grow stomach and in tea

2012-02-07 13:57:52

≮ recipe ≯

Zhu Ru 3 grams, xian Gan Lan 10 grams, plain Chinese hackberrya spends 1.5 grams, antelope horn 1.5 grams.

≮ usage ≯

Above 4 flavour grind in all for thick end, add boiling water of water simmer in water. Daily 1 agent, acting tea drink.

≮ effect ≯

Expectorant help use. Apply to old age deficiency of vital energy, phlegmy much yellower stiff, cough up spits accurate, pharynx red ache, mouth is dry desire accept of drink, stomach is not sweet wait for disease.

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