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Do 3 years old look big do 7 years old look often really?

2017-02-22 15:14:59

What did you do to teach knowledge early to your darling? What do you know your darling needs to teach knowledge early? When do you know to undertake teaching early best? In what darling teachs early gold period undertakes teaching early grooming, what can make darling rises is faster.

Because of normal cerebrum growth, in 3 years old the fastest before.

Weight of the head when be born is 370 grams, the head inside the first year grows after this again rate is the rapiddest, 2 times when be born is when 6 months, 50% what occupy adult head to weigh, and children weight just should achieve adult to 10 years old 50% .

Development of visible baby cerebra exceeded the rate of body development greatly. When the first year end, 60% what infantile head is close to adult head to weigh again, arrive when the 2nd year end, it is 3 times when be born about, 75% what occupy adult head to weigh about, when arriving 3 years old, infantile head already approached the range with adult heavy head again, growth rate slows after.

The person’s cerebra by cell of about 100 billion nerve (nerve yuan) composition. Nerve cell of the head is thick look like a sapling, nerve cell has a tree dash forward, axis dash forward, be just like bark as branch and scabbard of marrow of the; that establish a root.

When be born, major nerve cell resembles a naked sapling, after be born inside 2 years, nerve cell is rapid development, “Be well established and vigorously developed ” , every nerve cell is linked together with cell of about 10 thousand other nerve. of every nerve cell second can send 11 message to the cell of photograph adjacent.

This shows, of the information communication frequency between cerebrum nerve cell is imponderable.

And these connection between cerebrum nerve cell, be the experience decision in living by the infant greatly. Closely related cerebral development and outside ambient, education.

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