The world of cate of _ of strategy of food of baby of a year old of less than

Strategy of food of baby of a year old of less than

2013-11-09 11:42:03

Guide language: The athletic ability of small sun and digestible energy strength are extremely good. Everyday early in pull late each. Mix midday each eat a bowl in the evening complementary feed, eat inside 15 minutes, I can give his ladle to be used casually, but it is ladle only, the other things that play are very not OK. Because small sun still thinks sucking is other,give birth to the greatest pleasure, so I was not in breakfast when feed with ladle, I do not hope he awakes every morning not happy. Limitary freedom is me consistent importunate principle.

After-thought rises, small sun fitness is so good with me wholeheartedly cent of dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food does not leave, among them experience and lesson share as follows:

The first phase: 0 – 6 months

Mother milk is infantile optimal food, before small sun 6 months are feed of complete mother milk, had not fed even plain boiled water. I have the knowledge that learns dietetics to add me to have deep love for cate to swear to do a perfect wife all the time, my nutrition is very so balanced and comprehensive, milk quality is very good. 6 months begin small sun grow a tooth, taller, 100 days swim half hours midday everyday to 6 months.

Begin to add as to 4 months complementary feed, if darling is willing OK also. If darling is not willing,mom also does not want reluctance. I once had tried all method to fail, small sun crosses 6 months to be received willingly complementary fed.

Enlightenment: 6 months are the beginning with baby real life, he can see well completely, the body also begins to rise neatly, began to have memory and interest to the thing all round. So mom should put the emphasis in cause darling to eat complementary on the interest that feed, and do not force him to eat. Darling sees mother has the happy experience of the thing, also want naturally to eat.

Strategy of food of baby of a year old of less than

The 2nd phase: 6 – 7 months

Darling crosses 6 months to must begin to add complementary fed. Begin the most basically from yoke, it is meter of paste next, fruit mud, dish mud. I think this phase is from finished product baby food transfers to what contain infantile provision level. Should add from food of finished product baby, arrive slowly contain infantile provision. Wholesome requirement is very strict when just beginning to add, the infantile food of old brand is safe, nutrition, exquisite absorb easily, such mom can save an a lot of time to take baby development of stimulative cerebra of the respiratory system that outdoors activity exercises darling and able-bodied constitution. Complementary feeding me is the fine treasure He Hengshi that buys from red child website.

If the mother breeds returning is very enough word, need not add milk best. Small sun after 7 months ablactation, arrive all the time full 9 months I am the half that measures according to the standard will pour milk powder, and secure the three unities buy powdered milk, not often Hong Kong of edition of foreign edition mainland buys inland change change, those recipes are different, design technically in the light of a certain district, change milk powder to be able to bring about darling intestines and stomach only unwell appetite drops. The milk powder of small sun is to be in what friendship shop buys bright treat.

Give small sun everyday 1 – 2 times delicacy extracts fruit juice, fruit sort a week does not take heavy shape, slowly I begin to add two kinds or 3 kinds of fruity mix fruit juice.


1. small sun does not like the thing of henry person at the beginning, like fine treasure, if darling begins to be not accepted,ground rice perhaps is put inside milk one case after finished product mud is OK and attenuant, increase proportion slowly next. Fruit juice also is, darling is not accepted can add perhaps used dilute of cool plain boiled water in milk, hot water dilute can change flavour. If darling does not accept milk to be able to choose to be like bright treat, xue Yin the milk with this kind of weak taste, if still be not accepted OK and attenuant drink to him. At the beginning darling likes to be close to thing of mother milk olfactory.

2. at the beginning darling does not like to be able to move rare dot to be sucked to him with feeder with ladle, what I use is code of shellfish close Y. Occasionally darling can appear repeatedly, used ladle of period of time abrupt very defy ladle, like to use feeding bottle only.

This phase does not have 3. completely necessary flower a few hours go boiling on one bowl of small congee, the nutrient value difference compared with milk congee is far, eating congee just is a kind of exercise has a meal to become independent in the future found. I had experimented personally what this period adds is self-restrained darling of food great majority is digested far from unvarnished pull. The exercise is not to have a kind of method only, will see me below is how of give attention to two or morethings: Will see me below is how of give attention to two or morethings::

The 3rd phase: 7 – 8 months

The small sun of this period grew 4 teeth, OK and reliable sit for long on infantile food chair, also having the desire of very strong interest and exploration to the thing all round. Have a meal every time small sun is done in table edge, look at father mother to the top of one’s bent the food that enjoys the multicoloured on cate and table, small sun immediately active wail cries, want anxiously to eat. I can pause in every meal when prepare some of food to be being taken to small sun gnaw, corn is for instance fast, carrot piece, chinese cabbage waiting all a moment is to be boiled in vain, at the beginning his half plays a half to eat, but basically do not eat, or now and then ate to also be bitten do not move, can be added only and suck, everyday every exercise, small sun progress is very rapid. When small sun first time has rice since after-thought, can eat only go down rice, two rice is met alas live, can have a thing so in an instant.

Go to a supermarket every time the hand points to cake, biscuit, flourishing young small steamed bread, yoghurt, fruit, lollipop, I can buy one caboodle to come back to be chewed greatly before the face of small sun. Just now and then to bits bit he is tasted, the taste that developed him already causes him again great to alimental interest, grab a thing actively to eat from mother hand able to read aloud fluently.

So small sun 8 months when had developed to hold the post of those who eat when to await mom of any place at sight of to take perhaps open freezer to be opposite mom ” discharge ” , ask to nod him to eat. Any food on table of any appearance basically can oneself are being taken eat, fruit and snacks more be nothing difficult.

Above these are exercises, a day of of small sun 3 eat or with milk yoke and finished product complementary feed give priority to, as a result of small sun the intestines and stomach after 7 months is first-rate with shellfish close Y code drinks a grandma to do not have any problems, so I begin to be added to darling everyday contained provision, it is carrot normally, pumpkin, pigeon breast flesh, black sesame seed, feed namely oaten wait for these good to health things, boil in vain little a few little add water to be hit into the oar to develop ground rice with mixer, darling eats very gladly. Every time Bao soup Bao arrives two hours when fill what did not have salt to rise first, when eating to darling, connect a few soup broken bits is hit into oar heat to drink or develop ground rice to him. Small sun likes boiling water of lotus lotus root extremely, the favour matter that itself of lotus lotus root raises a person namely adds God like that Xian Tian, small sun drinks 200ml to return sip every time sip suck empty feeding bottle.


The deglutition capability that 1. just began darling is not strong, just meet again oral cavity is sensitive period, fill in in the past mouth that darling may not stay in, the full mouth of a place of strategic importance is to experience this kind of food, often meet alas him move. Good mom buys this Yo please book according to above the largest to swallowing the guidance of the thing to give baby support is in assure treasure darling lets practice while treasure is safe.

2. this I am in small sun 9 many months when just experience, the very much little baby all round me people also have similar state. Darling may reject to feed him to have a thing, and must oneself are being taken, took also do not eat to be held, of lane it is everywhere want next again, the iteration that does not live so, even if now and then taste on one, most time also is like is to playing. Once for a time I am very pained also, all Yo that I buy this issue did not show on the book. Actually this is a phase that darling explores, he thinks, well this is a what thing, be felt ceaselessly with the hand, crossed this level he can mix the thing eat this behavior to deserve to go up was opposite, meet oneself be being taken ate to also do not reject to feed him.

This phase mom wants 3. hard place is done hard because of sanitation, good mom, what the vast power of mother love lets any woman can undergo production and surgery is gigantic painful, do not fear pain!

The 4th phase: 9 – 12 months

What had comparatived as a result of the masticatory ability of small sun is good, hard fruit and biscuit can eat went down, with respect to Lian Qin vegetable also can take went down, the beginning that so small sun becomes with respect to suitable smoothly had a meal, of the darling of this period or the joy that need to suck and safe feeling, same for darling can much activity a few, finished product complementary feeding still is the essential one part in baby life, and the inadequacy that can make up for food sort. Darling wants ability 5 years old to have a thing like adult, the darling of this period is to be chewed twice at random normally swallowed, so the food of small sun can be swallowed directly, chew also do not chew all right also go.

Small sun cookbook:

In the morning at 8 o’clock: Ground rice of milk 200ml + 3 spoon (henry person ground rice is special quantity spoon) mud of + finished product half canister (henry person or fine treasure is various round of move come)

At 9 o’clock: Fruit juice 200ml

Midday: A kind of flesh kind a kind of vegetable congee (for example: Congee of dish of cod fish sperm) + (ground rice half canister of mud of finished product of 4 spoon + ) bowl of most of ground rice of + of 200ml of oar of 200ml/ soup broken bits (the bowl that I have a meal)

Afternoon at 3 o’clock: Milk 200ml

In the evening at 6 o’clock: Pattern egg a thick soup (for example: A thick soup of egg of Chinese cabbage of the cornmeal below delicacy) + ground rice mud of finished product of 4 spoon + half canister) 200ml

At 8 o’clock half: Milk 100ml

At 11 o’clock half: (Milk + ground rice 2 spoon) 200ml

Milk 200ml wakes in night

In addition drink 600ml of ~ of 300ml of plain boiled water everyday

Cookbook explains: What I boil congee is very ropy, dish I am mincing, sometimes I can be inside pattern egg a thick soup take out cornmeal mixes some of rice, I dip in with chopstick needle one Ding Dian salt flavors. The flesh kind fish also is round of move come, occasionally I can do the thing evaporate such as some of asparagus ripe hit into the oar to replace finished product mud to ground rice with other edibles diversity. Soup is broth sometimes be my Bao sometimes is sweet soup (little is only sweet) , the sand of corn juice gram that does with machine of 9 in relief soya-bean milk occasionally. The some ropier thing that small sun sucks I am the nipple that with yellow small duck L piles up, the size of nipple wants those who inspect darling intestines and stomach to absorb ability and calm.

Citing is as follows:

Breakfast: (4 spoon milk powder + 3 spoon Hengshimi pink + half canister Hengshijin marlin mud) 200ml uses nipple of date of L of maize small duck

At 9 o’clock half: Abstain fruit juice 200ml

At 12 o’clock lunch: Mud of cod end pumpkin mixes rice is burnt Lian Oushang hits even broken bits into oar 200ml

Afternoon at 3 o’clock: Milk 200ml

Afternoon at 6 o’clock dinner: A thick soup of egg of green vegetables of frog thigh meat mixes meal (henry person ground rice 4 spoon + mud of lily of lotus seed of henry person tremella half canister) 200ml

In the evening at 8 o’clock half: Milk 2 spoon 100ml

In the evening at 11 o’clock half: (Milk 4 spoon + ground rice 2 spoon) 200ml

Midnight milk 200ml


This individual character that the darling of period has begun to show his mixes 1. be fond of, it is to eat normally about the same full want to play. Mom is about the nature of basis darling is specific the issue is specific analysis. Small sun has paragraph of time to eat to wanted to play namely, pestering me to want to eat again a little while, same thing is fed with ladle do not eat, eat with feeder — province thing. I adopted coercive measures after my judgement certainly, those who cry is fierce hungry he is one, a less than issueing that do not eat to any, two days of small suns understood, darling have a bowl of thing very quickly.

The good convention that 2. darling has a meal and bad habit are in namely of this moment nurturance, darling has a meal time cannot exceed 40 minutes, and cold meal darling ate easy enteritis.

3. still thinks to suck because of small sun is other give birth to the greatest pleasure, so I can give some of thing him after every meal drink with feeder, both neither is privative his hobby lets him have a meal happily again.

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