Pregnant woman shoulds not be much the world of cate of _ of fish having the of great capacity

Pregnant woman shoulds not be much fish having the of great capacity

2013-11-09 11:39:23

American food and medicaments management board issue a warning, conceive pregnant woman not to answer the cruelly oppress such as fish of edible shark, sea and mackerel, because the mercuric element content of these cruelly oppress is higher, may be opposite fetal neurological cause harm. Point out at the same time, bright woman and the woman that prepare to be pregnant also should avoid baby, lactation edible afore-mentioned flesh kind.

Pregnant woman shoulds not be much fish having the of great capacity

Actually, american country academy of sciences ever released a report to say, the mercuric element inroad that there are 60 thousand to be in what not was born to had sufferred certain amount in the baby that beautiful garden is born every year, caused its head ministry and neurological development to be differred the influence of degree. Because adipose content is low, protein,except the other sea product beyond afore-mentioned fish content should serve as higher be pregnant and the main food that prepares to conceive pregnant woman.

Because mercuric element can pass industrial pollution to enter atmosphere environment, because this is almost all,contain inside the body of fish a few methylic mercury, but those life longer, bulk bigger and the mercuric amount that the shark that with capturing other fish gives priority to or arrow fish contain is maximum, because this is right often edible person the menace that constitute is the biggest also.

Meanwhile, bureau of American environmental protection also says in a statement, be pregnant reach preparation to be pregnant woman, lactation woman and baby are weekly and best only the food that edible makes by fresh water fish, adult edible quantity should be 6 ounce, children is 2 ounce.

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