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The woman wants to maintain be about to be made from food!

2017-08-22 16:02:47

The woman should be known maintain oneself, besides protect skin to taste, outside cosmetic, more important is to learn to use dietary preserve one’s health. Small make up the food that recommends 9 kinds to eat Yue Meili more, love the United States you cannot be missed!

1, yangtao

Yangtao has the effect of nourishing body, clear hot moisten the respiratory tract, taste not just goluptious, still contain a variety of vitamins and microelement nutrition to be abounded exceedingly at the same time. Yangtao has the effect that combats melanin to generate, can remove stain not only, still can have effect of beautiful white cutaneous at the same time.

2, cherry

Cherry contains rich iron, this raises hematic filling empty to have very good effect to the female. And eat cherry in the winter return can the peculiar smell in effective purify opening, in occurrence cut when still can effective slow down is aching.

Sweet cherry is sent

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