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What breast enhancement does preserve one’s health of Qiu Dong season take?

2016-12-22 10:42:17

The figure is insufficient exquisite, wait for a method besides the operation, still other way can make bosom plump? Breast enhancement food also is right choice! It teach you to eat what food immediately is OK to teach you to eat what food immediately breast enhancement, what does the food that tells you breast enhancement have


Want respecting autumn most should the fruit of season, that is certain little not persimmon. Persimmon contains a lot of vitamins, nutrition is very rich, sanitarian action is very outstanding also. Persimmon is OK clear heat goes dry, embellish lung is expectorant, stop to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid yearningly. When the autumn comes, if you want to eat delicious breast enhancement food of nutrition, that must eat persimmon.


Yam is one of the commonnest coarse food grain, contain many starch, vitamin, cellulose, and a variety of mineral. Qiu Dongzhi border also is the season with mature yam, in the autumn when, boiling yam into syrup to drink is had better not pass. Besides yam, yam leaf still has effect of very good the health care that fight cancer.

Lotus lotus root

Lotus lotus root is ringing Gan Shuang, can cold and dressed with sause, can Qing Dynasty is fried, OK also soup of lotus root of lotus of make it chop, flavour also is very good. Folk has such view since ancient times: “Appropriate of hot summer days gives birth to lotus root, ripe lotus root of appropriate of cool autumn days, unripe feed appropriate fresh and tender, cooked food appropriate is strong old ” . Say so, lotus lotus root is a kind of breast enhancement food that suits to eat in the autumn very much.

Green jujube

Green jujube and red jujube belong to a jujube kind, but green jujube wants than red jujube juicily, pulp is more full, more bright fragile, mouthfeel is more good. Jujube saying blueness is OK breast enhancement, because Qing Zaozhong contains the nutrition that has profit very to the breast more very much,be. Protein content of Qing Zaozhong, carbohydrate content, and the content of the vitamin is very tall.

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