Optimal vegetable reducing weight is the world of cate of which dish _

Optimal vegetable reducing weight is which dish

2013-11-09 00:22:21

Optimal vegetable reducing weight is which dish

Lettuce, just as its name implies, he is the vegetable that suits to eat raw most. Lettuce calls a leaf to use lettuce again, do in Western-style food middling distribute part of dish, illuminative, its color is emerald green, contain many moisture content, quality of a material is fragile tender tastily, clip makes in hamburger hamburger had the mouthfeel of fragile bright, decoration is made in dish also find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

Optimal vegetable reducing weight is which dish

Lettuce contains many moisture content, water content is as high as 95% above, and the quantity of heat that place of lettuce of each 100 grams contains only 15 kilocalorie, eat much also need not worry about get fat. The nutriment sort of lettuce is more comprehensive, full abdomen feels stronger, it is OK to eat some of lettuce to reduce weight more appropriately avoid to be on a diet the hungry feeling that reduce weight and nutriment lack, with suiting to think suitable crowd edible very much accordingly. The prandial fiber that contains in lettuce has reduce the effect such as fat of blood of hematic cholesterol, bring down, produce the effect of health care reducing weight with a variety of vitamins, mineral combination, it is the good food that reduce weight.

After lettuce comes to China, it had many eating again law, for instance when greens dips in lettuce of Chengdu of sauce, garlic, oyster sauce lettuce, place in fleshy clip steamed bun, coil in cake, flavour is first-rate.

Give everybody introduction the food of cold and dressed with sause that a lettuce makes:

Give birth to bean corrupt silk: Lettuce is lacerate, fabaceous skin cuts into shreds, sweetbell redpepper, carrot cuts into shreds, caraway is mincing, join salt, gourmet powder, mashed garlic, balm to flavor, mix divide evenly can.

Rebuke seedling nutrition division comments on: This dish is made go to the lavatory simply, fabaceous skin contains a lot ofhigh grade albumen and vegetable the vitamin that contain a lot of, mineral collocation, nutrition is rich, phyletic and all ready; Adipose content is low, be helpful for reducing weight; Vegetable color is bright-coloured, comparative and as bright as fabaceous skin, very beautiful, have appetite; Flavour of mashed garlic, balm is more exciting, can cause the person’s appetite very much, it is very good appetizing food.

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