The practice of Jiangsu cherry flesh

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  • The practice of Jiangsu cherry flesh, how is Jiangsu cherry flesh done delicious

      [Advocate expect complementary makings]

    Pig rib flesh (1 diamonds) , pea seedling (250 grams) , rock candy (65 grams) , gourmet powder (0.5 grams) , red Qu Shui (150 grams) , pig broth (800 grams) , carry on wine (35 grams) , refined salt.

       [Cook a method]

    1. Blow pig rib flesh wash clean, put into boiling water boiler, the fire that use flourishing boils about 10 minutes, take out abluent. On skin face, go up in skin face with the knife Ji 5 minutes of square are small.

    2. Calculate bamboo bottom of the mat inside park arenaceous boiler, put fleshy piece, namely on Pi Chao, dip enters pork boiling water, wine of the knot that add green, Jiang Pian, carry on, refined salt is 10 grams, red Qu Shui, the boiler on the lid is built, about 30 minutes are burned on buy medium baking temperature, put crystal sugar 32.5 grams, again lid of the boiler on the lid, come with small fire stew crisp sodden, rejoin rock candy 32.5 grams, the baked wheaten cake in using comes thick gravy is stiff thick, from fire, pick a green, a surname, take out rib, put long small of the back dish among, on Pi Chao, irrigate on former thick gravy.

    3. The buy that fry pan burns heat on flourishing fire, dip enters rapeseed oil, put pea seedling, refined salt 1.5 grams, gourmet powder, stir-fry before stewing is fried to emerald, cheng Fang having pot is in two end become fleshy piece namely.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    1. Choose pig rib flesh one diamonds weighs 650 grams about.

    2. In knife of the Ji on skin, deepness comes ground floor lean lean. Do not cut the flesh.

    3. Red Qu Shui: Rice of will red music 50 grams pulverize, put gram of clear water L000 is added inside boiler, buy burns boil on flourishing fire, filter goes broken bits is red Qu Shui namely.

    4. Will fleshy piece comes with small fire stew crisp sodden need 1 hour about.

       (Gust characteristic)

    1. Cherry flesh is Jiangsu tradition dish. Because of its form, color is like cherry and get a name.

    2. Colour of this famished look is gorgeous, cherry of be similar in shape, shining and pleasing to the eye, crisp sodden fertilizer is mellow, enter the mouth and change, first sweet hind salty, match with fabaceous seedling, red green set each other off, meat or fish has element, have a distinctive flavour.

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