The historical story of the antecedents literary quotation of splint bean curd and backside

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  • Splint bean curd is Shandong talk about a city to face name of clear traditional characteristic to eat. About the antecedents of splint bean curd, in face return have an interesting fokelore.

    The historical story of the antecedents literary quotation of splint bean curd and backside

    According to legend is in Ming Dynasty, cao Zhou has a scholar to be driven into Beijing one’s deceased father, to area of the place when be being faced clear silver spends light, must be in street pass the night. The following day early in the morning, ” of bean curd plum sees the “ of bean curd selling water he lies on the ave, call him wake, original, the scholar is hungry dizzy.

    Then “ bean curd plum ” twists a head to take bean curd. But, is a bowl connected below the hand how to also eat? He sees the small board that blocks bean curd, remove at once, put the bean curd of a few water that has cut above, use small knife again mincing, end ate to the scholar. The scholar is touched so that heat up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye, in an instant time with respect to dispose of. Having thankinging “ after ” of bean curd plum, the scholar continues to hurry on with one’s journey again.

    Later, the Number One Scholar in scholar take an examination ofing, became make one’s rounds of 8 government office is pressed. Again later, he heads for southern go on a tour of inspection, encounter “ again when facing Qing Dynasty to stay ” of bean curd plum, reviewed again drive the setting that takes an examination of draft bean curd at that time. Evermore, for nothing tender tepid and tender, goluptious splint bean curd is in face Qing Dynasty to shed get round.

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