Child the practice that dragon takes off gown

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  • Child dragon takes off gown renown saute fries eel silk. This dish chooses big toe thick eel to give priority to makings, go its skin is cooked again. Child dragon namely Xiaolong, mean eel shape to be like Xiaolong, flay takes off gown namely, friend name ” child dragon takes off gown ” .

    Child the practice that dragon takes off gown, child dragon takes off gown how to be done delicious

      [Raw material]

    Advocate makings: Vivid eel 750 grams (choose middle-sized) .

    Burden: Water sends dried slices of tender bamboo shoots 50 grams, water sends dried mushrooms 25 grams, bright green chili 50 grams, caraway 25 grams, leaf of bright purple perilla 10 grams, the egg is clear 1.

    Condiment: Ripe lardy 500 grams (real cost 100 grams) , cooking wine 25 grams, refined salt 5 grams, gourmet powder 1 gram, pepper 0.5 grams, yellow vinegar 2.5 grams, dry amylaceous 25 grams, wet starch 25 grams, fleshy clear soup 25 grams, balm 10 grams.

       Child the practice that dragon takes off gown:

    1. Put eel in on chopping block one knife to rip a skin, press the flesh with the knife next, rip quickly, gather up next skins come. It is eel flesh in boiling water float, get rid of goes pricking, cut 0.3 centimeters of 5 centimeters long, thick silk again. Green chili is abluent, with dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, Shui Fadong stay of proceedings all is cut grow 4 centimeters filament. Leaf of bright purple perilla is mincing.

    2. Enter knock of gallinaceous egg white the bowl inside, after agitate initiates bubble, put dry starch, refined salt smooth, put eel silk to stress divide evenly size again.

    3. On medium baking temperature of the buy that fry pan, put lardy, burn to 5 into heat, issue eel silk, delimit with the chopstick medicinal powder, about 30 seconds, enter strainer drop oil.

    4. Fry oil takes inside boiler 50 grams, burn come to be heated up most probably, stir-fry before stewing of silk of next dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, green chili, dried mushrooms, refined salt is fried a little while, issue eel silk again, boil cooking wine closes fry. Then add of clear soup of leaf of will yellow vinegar, purple perilla, wet starch, gourmet powder, flesh becomes juice child, fall to fry pan, bump two, fill dish in, scatter on pepper, drench balm, caraway spells dish of edge to be become namely.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    This dish is made careful, eel flay, cut into shreds require very high knife work skill. In cook, duration wants proper, ability protects his fresh and tender. Finished product is given priority to with white, green, brown is dichromatic foil meantime, famished look is harmonic. Eel silk slips tender sweet hot, it is the traditional name dish of Hunan.

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