Fruit of summer preserve one’s health is life-giving disappear heat, summer raises unboiled water fruit

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  • Fruit of summer preserve one's health is life-giving disappear heat, summer raises unboiled water fruit

    Summer, ” is annoyed in the “ of high temperature in, we always are drowsy, downhearted, and the days of happy happiness is mixed namely best friend or the person that love each other sit together, carouse a cup of fruit juice, sweet and relaxed flavour is changed from the mouth, spread in the heart all the time.

       Malic tomato fruit vegetables juice

    The bases of juice of this fruit vegetables is fruit of He Ping of lettuce, tomato, honey. When summer feels limb is listless, drink some of fruit vegetables juice more. Because juice of fresh fruit vegetables can be effective vitamin of humanness body complement and calcium, phosphor, Potassium, magnesian wait mineral, can enhance cellular vigor and function of intestines and stomach, stimulative digestive juice is secreted, eliminate exhaustion, it is OK to make pure and fresh and agile; returns brains increase body strength, ; of ache of slow down shoulder prevents diabetic, skin coarse, Reduce weight.

       Cider of bizarre fruit pineapple

    This fruit juice suits to like acid absolutely sweet the person of mouthfeel, what appetite is done not have in summer, this fruit juice can be appetizing aid digestion. And these 3 kinds of fruits contain rich vitamin C and fiber to pledge, can help defecate, the effect that discharge poison one class club, often drinkable the effect of skin having the beauty, thin body. Additional, serum is contained to promote element in bizarre fruit, can have stable mood, composed effect, the natural inositol that it contains, conduce to cerebral ministry activity, make cerebrum is loosened.

       Watermelon mango juice

    Watermelon is the fruit with main summer, it contains a large number of moisture content, have very good clear hot weather to separate hot function, what it contains a lot ofvitamin A, Bl, B2, C, glutamic acid and acid of acid of dextrose, cane sugar, fructose, apple, ammonia of essence of life, pee of heat of solution of heat having Qing Dynasty, benefit, fall the effect of blood pressure, thirsty to high fever, hotly make water of much sweat, nephritis is little, HypertensiveWait for the auxiliary curative effect with have certain. And mango nutrition is rich, pulp is juicily, delicious and goluptious, the flavor that holds peach, apricot, Li Heping concurrently to wait if really, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, disappear heat easy is magical.

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