Clear water boils the practice of piggy

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  • Clear water boils the practice of piggy, how is the clear water piggy that boil done delicious

      〔 advocate expect complementary makings 〕

    Gilt 1 (800 grams) , green Chinese onion (50 grams) , caoguo (9 grams) , refined salt (L00 is overcome) , dry hot pepper (30 grams) , Chinese prickly ash (60 grams) , ginger (80 grams) .

       〔 cooks methodological 〕

    1. wool of hog slaughter scald in order to remove hairs or feathers, eviscerate, rinse clean, hew of 5 centimeters of square piece, float with clear water blood-red.

    2. Fire of the flourishing on boiler, add clear water, issue pork. Caoguo bakes yellow dolly to be put into boiler.

    3. After soup boil, move to go up to medium baking temperature, make float foam, play refined salt, boil 30 minutes, appear the boiler since the heart character to the flesh.

    4. Dry hot pepper, ginger, green, Chinese prickly ash pounds mud into stone joint of bones, take discrepancy bowl, add refined salt and add of former juice broth to become juice, be accompanying boils piggy to go up together desk dip in feed.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    The pig that this dish chooses is double month gilt, the flesh is extremely qualitative tender, reason is not boiled in boiled process ham, lest the flesh is qualitative hair is close.

       〕 of 〔 gust characteristic

    This dish is chosen makings is exquisite, the flesh is qualitative delicate, feed in season sweet, it is the cate that Su a group of things with common features has special local color.

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