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Next returning in the home, already in the evening at 10 o’clock, before open the door momently, the sweet smiling face that missing a wife and daughter to sleep soundly is returned in my heart. And open the door that momently, my world produced the change of world-shaking.

It is a pleasant aroma first tangy and come, then my abide is worn fragrance is gone to in go, in my bedroom, have young woman of a golden hair, wearing transparent purple gauze clothes, lying on my bed partly with the attitude of hold up person. I rub an eye, decide oneself are not to see presbyopia, close an eye to be opened again, be me then certainly wife- – the wife that takes intellectual course all along.

She looks at my movement, the paragraph is placing lumbar limb to get out of bed, the portfolio that has taken me is thrown on the cabinet, the tie that helping me is hot kiss of a French. Although marry nearly 10 years to come, the wife is done not have so hot over- , making love every time almost is me active, but I ability no matter the reason of her great change, the belle is in bosom, enjoyed first besides.

Then I hold her in arms, screw bedroom door, it is mad kiss, the edge relies on to go toward bedside by the side of the kiss, press her on the bed directly. The sexual life that evening is passion really, had not tasted so hot sexual love for ages, the boy that I resemble a twenties is same, in wife the do all one can on the body gallops ……

The following day in the morning, I kiss the love in still sleeping soundly wife, divine Qing Dynasty enrages bright go going to work.

Arrived in the evening, busy still to 10 o’clock, return the home in, the wife changed nurse of a suit sex appeal to take again waiting for me. After a making love passes, my cuddle is worn she, ask her how the meeting is so enthusiastic, have what thing.

Fall in my tender feelings offensive eventually, she appoint grievance bends those who say to hope I do not go with other woman is too close, still say she knows the man likes 3 wife 4 concubine, the palace after what she acts me with respect to a person after is whole, today empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, tomorrow imperial concubine. What I say I did not go with other woman is close. She asks in reply: “How is there the perfume taste of a woman on your shirt? “How is there the perfume taste of a woman on your shirt??

My be rendered speechless, holding her in the arms to say rapidly next: “Your person is my 3 Gong Liu courtyards, I serve the home to still be disrelished in solely tired, court of which strong energy of life is other woman, you are at ease. You are at ease..

Be to worry about my affair so, pardonable all along intellectual wife become so mad wild, diagonally color acts such addiction, the joy in my heart blossommed. But I just won’t tell her, the perfume flavour on the shirt is to mask smoke flavour, looked for a secretary to borrow what go on perfume gush designedly.

Wife especially sensitive to smoke flavour, I also smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is old, nevertheless for that only big business, door of a guest invited to a dinner party to help entertain the guest of honor smoked two cigarette just. Did not think of not only was not discovered, those who return a wife is haggard give be aroused, really unexpected results. Do not know tonight, wife can dress up with what again appear before me ……

(the exercitation edits: Cai Junyi)

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