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Consider to discover, have the law everyday eat an apple to be able to be promoted to healthy womanSexual lovedelighted. The reason is it is the material that one kind contains to call mixture root Pi Gan in the apple, its and female are hormonal puissant courtship element is similar. It is very important that puissant courtship element wakes up medium action in the gender. Additional, like wine and chocolate, OK and exciting blood also is contained to flow to the much phenol of genital and antioxidant in the apple, conduce to a gender waking up.

This considers to be published in new first phase ” archives of medicine of department of gynaecology and obstetrics ” go up, study the object is 731 Italian females that arrive 43 years old from 18 years old. Every participator was enquired to record them everyday malic wastage and dietary habit. Next this group of people are divided into two parts, one part is had everyday by the requirement or an above apple, another group eats everyday little at an apple. All participator are asked to join investigation of index of female sex function then, included about them sexual behavior frequency and whole satisfy 19 spent questions.

Conclusion discovery takes an apple and taller sexual function everydayExponential centNumber is concerned, proved this conduces to the sex that adds a woman delighted.

The apple is opposite by discovery healthy quite much profit. 2012, the scientist discovers this kind of fruit very the hematic fat level that reduced menopause woman substantially, they areHeart diseaseThe tall danger group of fit. Maintain 6 months to eat an apple to be able to reduce the cholesterol content of 1/4 almost everyday.

In addition return discovery, use a pillow to also can raise a womanSexual lifeQuality. American always is assiduous to sexual pursuit. Afterwards pelvis is held, after two-men gem gal, one kind the name is ” Kegel ” sexual love moves popularity rises. According to the United States ” the woman is healthy ” the net introduced recently, the; of sexual life quality that this kind of motion can raise a female effectively is right for the male, the muscle that can strengthen responsible ejaculation group force and intensity, make its can control ejaculation independently.

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