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I am fast this year 50 years old, although the husband is a few bigger than me, can look at younger than me however a lot of. His figure maintains very well, and I have some of put on weight however. Under photograph comparing, I always have some self-abased, and the sexual life that this kind of feeling affected us directly. I now very had been afraid of sexual life, although the husband cold-shoulders my expression without what, but I am have a sense of inferiority really. Be this kind of circumstance, it is not good to cause my feeling in sexual life, always hope to end some earlier. As time passes, face sexual demand of the husband, I am met as far as possible evasive, or look for a few excuse not to live sexual life. This kind of feeling makes me very vexed, how should be I adjusted excuse me?

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Sociology has a “ my ” is academic in lens, think we are me in passing imaginary others key point, will know ego. Your present problem, imagining oneself are in marital eye namely is a “ of deformed ” , the woman that does not have sexual appeal, this kind of imagination and self-abased make you are adopted to sexual life escape a manner. The problem is, since you also know the husband did not cold-shoulder you, he is not evasive also sexual life, it is with respect to the specification in his judgement, you are not in that way a woman that does not have sexual appeal. Accordingly, your trouble comes from the ego condemnation at you, this actually can need not, different body has beautiful place, to the husband and wife that ages together, the change of body of the other side is a natural slow process, accept so rise very natural also.

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