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Zhuang Yang: Ginkgo can treat seminal emission overmuch

Respecting fruit, we understand be it commonly to reduce weight the effect with hairdressing. Actually the fruit still can be treatedSexual dysfunctionReach uric road infection.

Lotus seed: Take fresh lotus seed (core of gemmule of green of lotus seed center does not shuck) 15 grams, water simmer in water is taken, along with lotus seed is taken together, wipe wet dream overmuch, desirable also and fresh lotus seed 10 grams () of the heart that take lotus, put after the evaporate on meal face is ripe to chew take, daily two, take two days repeatedly.

Litchi: With litchi nucleus 15 reach 20, water simmer in water is added to take after breaking into pieces, can treat spermary gall.

Grape: Take fresh grape 250 grams, after pound of flay, nucleus, add drink of right amount warm boiled water to take, daily come twice, take two weeks repeatedly, can treatProstatitisAndPee short bareAcerbity painful.

Yangtao: Fresh yangtao 50 grams, pound adds warm boiled water 250 milliliter () of about 1 teacup, smooth hind drink is taken, can treat the pass water after front row is phlogistic acerbity painful.

Mango: Pit extraction awn 10 grams, simmer in water of the water after batter down is taken, daily two, take two weeks repeatedly, can treat orchitis and spermary gall.

Ginkgo: Take ginkgo fruit 10, take housing to fry ripe hind take benevolence edible, daily two, take even fertilizer two weeks, can treat seminal emission overmuch.

Papaya: With papaya 250 grams, 1000 grams are put after section rice wine or low in spending liquor, immerse two week hind are enabled, every time drinkable 15 milliliter, daily two, take two weeks repeatedly, can treat kidney empty this world to lift not firm andPremature ejaculation.

Walnut: Daily eat two go to 4, can remove be good at kidney to enrich the blood wait for action, still can assist cure kidney stone andUric road is calculous, can defer consenescence.

Red jujube: Red jujube is beneficial blood is strong magical function, red the effect that constant edible can have to enrich the blood, mix to premature ejaculationImpotentThe patient has very good dietotherapy effect.

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