Orchitis sends the man not Yo – 1-1 – flying Hua Jiankang net

Clinical go up common dispute particularity orchitis and parotitis sex orchitis, it isThe male not YoDisease is common one of pathogenies. Parotitis sex orchitis is caused by virus.

Orchitis is the common inflammation of male reproduction system, the orchitis sex pathological change that can cause by a variety of elements that cause disease, can divide wait for a type to be not sex of particularity, virus, mould sex, helicoid sex, helminth sex, injury sex, chemical sex. Affect a way to see more with hematic travel and lymphatic way, also can invade spermary by retrograde motion of urethral, spermatic, seminiferous duct, epididymis.

Clinical go up common dispute particularity orchitis and parotitis sex orchitis, it is male sterility one of common cause of diseases. Parotitis sex orchitis is caused by virus. Wait by urethritis of sex of clap, blame clap, syphilis venereal concurrent orchitis, occupy its about the 40-60% of total incidence of a disease, it is one of common complication with venereal male.

  1, acute is not particularity orchitis:

Happen in urethritis, cystitis more, Prostatitis, prostate reachs the patient that keeps buy catheter for a long time after proliferous resection. Infection classics lymphatic or seminiferous duct diffuses to cause epididymis orchitis to epididymis, common pathogenic bacteria is coliform organisms, be out of shape coccus of bacillus, grape reachs green pus bacili to wait. The bacterium can be sowed all right via blood come loose spermary, cause pure orchitis. Movement of blood of Dan Gao bolus is substantial, have stronger resistance to infection, reason this kind of circumstance is scarcer.

   2, spermary of chronic blame particularity:

Chronic orchitis treats not complete be caused by by orchitis of blame particularity acute more. Because mould, helicoid, helminth is affected,also can cause.

   3, acute parotitis sexual orchitis:

Because of,the mumps is the commonnest orchitis hair cause of disease, patient of about 20% parotitis is intercurrent orchitis. See Yu Qingchun more period later period. Macroscopical spermary height is intumescent show indigo. When incision spermary, as a result of qualitative reaction and oedema, no matter spermary cannot be squeezed piece, histology observation sees oedema and hemal dilate, a large number of phlogistic cells infiltrate, raw energy canaliculus has the denaturation of different level. When orchitis cicatrizations, spermary decrescent, qualitative soft. Raw energy canaliculus has serious atrophy, but save pledge between spermary cell, the exudation of reason Gao ketone is insusceptible.

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