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The maleGlans Sao is urticantBe how? Glans is urticant, particularly afflictive, a bit red still, not be previously such, now how such? GlansSao is urticantBe how? Is this ill? Bit of what drug to take?

  Is male glans Sao itchs how?

Expert of male division hospital says: Glans itchs is one lets a lot of people be met the problem of easy negligence, the harm that everybody did not think to cross it has how old. Clinical on the cause that causes glans occurrence Sao to itch basically has:

1, glans Sao itchs what basically consider is wrapping glans phlogistic be caused by. As a result of,the patient with general glans urticant Sao isBacterial infection, climate moisture, the individual that did not notice oneself good at ordinary times is wholesome. Cause infection to bring about wrapping glans phlogistic, produce glans Sao to itch thereby.

2, because the skin is allergic,the likelihood is be caused by. Also have what cause to bringing complete set allergy, this kind of state of affairs is less.

  The symptom with wrapping phlogistic glans behaves:

1, cause glans of trichomonad sex wrapping phlogistic: Glans removes papule and erythema, expand gradually, the edge is clear, the small blister of syringe needle size is seen on erythema, sao of erosion face, glans is formed to itch after.

2, cause acute glans of the shallow wrapping that express a gender is phlogistic: Local tide is red when rising first, of the penisThe skin is aglow, strut, self-conscious glans has glowing the feeling that itchs with glans Sao. Turn over wrapping, see the face inside wrapping and glansHyperaemiaErosion, have ooze liquid, evenBleed. Afterwards sends infectionSmall ulcer is seen after, fetid is ivoryPurulent sex secretion. If grind to feel aching namely with briefs, patient often the activity is disadvantageous and glans Sao is urticant. Can accompany the intumescent, tenderness that has inguinal lymph node and glans Sao to itch.

3, cause glans of wrapping of sex of white beads bacterium phlogistic: Wrapping and glans see erythema, the surface is slick, have small bleb, the edge of erythema is clearer, acute breaks out from time to tome Sao of fluid of erosion, ooze, glans is urticant.

4, cause glans of wrapping of cricoid canker sex phlogistic: On glans and wrapping, see erythema, expand gradually, show cricoid, can form face of the shallow ulcer that express a gender and glans Sao to itch.

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