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   Black silk screenSocks is summer girl people the dress that likes particularly, put onBlack silk screenSocks can decorate leg ministry aesthetic feeling namely, breathe freely again and not hot, so of summer street want almost byFilar socks, net socks is enclothed. Many male friends are fond of black webby hose, see H film also want repeatedlyBlack silk screenPiece. Actually, black webby hose cannot be worn casually, also not be all legs kimono is acted the role of can match. The optimal and tie-in way that says filar socks, net socks today.

   Black webby hose is wearing tie-in 7 gist element
   1, the color of filar socks and dress, shoe is same
   The colour humorous attune of the colour of filar socks and fashionable dress, shoe is consistent. The dress of congener color is tie-in and congener the filar socks of color, the color that the color of filar socks can compare the dress slightly shallow. Be like black short skirt, black shoe matchs black transparent silk socks. Incarnadine silk socks is as more harmonious as any dress colour collocation, might as well buy more a few.
   2, filar socks and dress and shoe are consistent
   The style of filar socks and dress and shoe is consistent. If compare formal suit, installing cannot match the filar socks; of flowery wears a cheongsam or pantistocking had better be worn when short skirt. Wear thin skirt to should wear transparent stocking, spend design and opaque hose to apply to flat bottom shoe greatly with lively sensory; to the person. Small design and transparent hose suit to wear high-heeled shoes.

   3, brunet, linear decorated thick leg with the filar socks of fine figure
   The leg that is not every woman is very beautiful, but not all also beautiful leg can be changed by filar socks.
   4, brunet without decorative pattern, plain coloured the sock wears brunet silk socks with the person appropriate with short leg of short leg of clip of fore-and-aft branch molded lines, without the design, the bone that after planting, rises abruptly (have line of a fore-and-aft branch) sock and plain coloured sock, the meeting when be being worn makes double leg has beauty of a kind of outspread line, ministry letting a leg is more corporeal, appear slender, better choice.
   5, the filar socks that chooses light color will match fine leg, because color of socks of light color silk is bright-coloured, suit beautiful leg leg ministry thinner appropriate wears socks of light color silk, opaque silk socks is very appropriate also. The body is tall, carry, the person of beautiful leg model mights as well the filar socks that chooses bright-coloured color, fishnet cereal, pass filament socks, the filar socks that filar socks is acted the role of and braids gives various designs, want to pay attention to the collocation with fashionable dress and dress circumstance.

   6, lifting your hose in sky is inglorious
   When the socks that wear silk cannot ” show empty ” , the sock that so that make the leg is divided,cannot wear too shortly namely is two parts, no matter be skirt,be trousers, role of lap, trousers should cover sock head, do not let sock head show skirt to place, lest overbalance.
   7, know how to maintain filar socks, show integral result through collocation
   Filar socks has nick to be able to besmear with colorless fingernail oil instantly a bit defeatingMouthPlace, can avoid to pull silk.

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