Drink bottle of green tea beverage one year everyday fat 10 jins – every day net of preserve one’s health

Drink bottle of green tea beverage one year everyday fat 10 jins

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A lot of people feel the taste of green tea beverage is delicate, provide health quite again. But committee of Hong Kong consumer checks discovery recently, the energy that market upside divides place of beverage of bottled green tea to contain compares coke actually taller! This organization sampling observation example of 30 bottled green tea, the energy of bottled green tea that discovers some brand as a result is as high as 184 kilocalorie, taller than one canister coke!

The expert expresses, a bottle this kind of green tea already seized human body about daily the 1/10 that absorbs energy. If drinkable person after absorbing enough energy, still daily and drinkable a bottle, after a year but weightening finish 4—9 kilogram.

The expert expresses, if want to acquire the nutrient part in tea, still had better drink the tea that shows a make tea. Bottled tea beverage is in treatment process, the content of the nutriment such as tea much phenol can be reduced, and because joined agent of candy cent, sweet taste, pigment,wait complete nonnutritively material, brought about tea beverage to turn the “ sky with nutrient extremely low value into beverage of ” of quantity of heat.