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Siesta time grows to still have this disadvantage unexpectedly

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Worked hard one morning, sleep a lie-down also be picket beautiful thing, what you won’t think of possibly is, also hiding healthy risk actually among them. Recently, disease of travel of a 10 thousand stream of people learns to investigate, discover the concern between Morpheus time and osteoporosis: In menopause female, sleep so that jump over time of late, siesta to grow more in the evening, of osteoporosis come on the risk is higher. Follow quickly every day network of preserve one’s health is small make up go looking together!

Can head of siesta time long bone become loose?

Recently, data of an authoritative investigation shows, female siesta time is unfavorable more than half hour, time is longer, the risk that produces osteoporosis is higher. Researcher returns exchange to checked the Morpheus time of area community to undertake study, the average bedtime that discovers this area resident is 23:4, get up time is 7:35, the time of this Morpheus and foreign crowd are similar.

Although the time of work and rest of crowd of China and foreign countries has difference, but investigation discovers a distinctive appearance, in menopause female, bedtime exceeds 0 o’clock, easier osteoporosis, siesta time is longer, of osteoporosis come on the risk is higher.

What reason does osteoporosis still have?

1, food is unscientific. Often drink beverage of a few carbonic acid for instance, those who drink coke to be able to make the skeleton of human body changes is flimsier, because phosphoric acid is contained in coke,this is, what can cause calcium of the bone inside human body is missing.

2, motion decreases. The function of cadre system is load and move, the activity is more, muscle develops more, skeleton absorbs calcium more also, become firm. We know, the ” of “ aerospace food that astronaut eats in aerospace, nutrition is rich and balanced, won’t lack calcium to be mixed character of course vitamin D. But live below condition of “ weightlessness ” a few months, its bone loss is quite spectacular. Accordingly, they must try to undertake physical training in aerospace, contract through muscle, make skeleton gets power, in order to prevent sweeny and osteoporosis. This shows, exercise is how important to maintaining bone density. Modern life is more and more comfortable, physical labor more be replaced by mechanical place, if take exercise carelessly, osteoporosis avoids hard.

Siesta time grows to still have this disadvantage unexpectedly

3, smoke. Because smoking can affect the peak value of bone density, and bone density peak value is lower, jump over incidental osteoporosis, the bone that the smoking when the youth can cause certain level is missing, after entering old age, the likelihood can show osteoporosis.

4, accept solar illuminate to be not worth. Vitamin D is the nutriment with indispensible human body, its action is to help human body absorb calcium to pledge. Without it, the calcium in food also is not absorbed more again character. The origin of vitamin D is not quite extensive, but fall in illuminate of solar ultraviolet radiation, human body can use absorption raw material proper motion to change make. Accordingly, generally speaking, want to often have proper and outdoors activity only, accept sunshine illuminate, vitamin D won’t be lacked. But in modern society because some people work property (make like come off work of agelong evening shift, well) , or rectify day of job, life to be in high buildings and large mansions, go out to ride instead of walk with the car, accept sunshine illuminate opportunity too little, bring about inadequacy of D of the vitamin inside body, influence calcium is absorbed character, cause osteoporosis.

5, drink. Alcohol enters human body inside, can produce chemical reaction with other mineral or certain and organic matter, produce a few new material. These new material can bring about the happening of the osteoporosis. Can produce an effect to skeletal growth, development, accelerate osseous to lose.

   Every day preserve one’s healthOffer “ siesta time to grow to unexpectedly still this disadvantage ” is read, if you like these “ siesta time that share to grow to still have content of this disadvantage ” unexpectedly very much, hope you grow to still have this disadvantage ” unexpectedly through “ siesta time, find the golden key that leads to healthy road.

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