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What food can be helped alleviate fatigue

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Work everyday very if the person of overworked rests bad that their body can appear very easily chronic fatigue, we should alleviate exhaustion is not just actually through resting just, still can alleviate through food fatigue. What food can be helped alleviate fatigue? Every day network of preserve one’s health is small make up everybody to recommend 4 kinds of conduce to alleviate fatigue food.


Asparagus flavour is delicious, taste relaxed and goluptious, can stomachic, help aid digestion, it is a kind of high-grade and rare green food. Often edible asparagus is right, hypertensive, fatigue disease, oedema, fat the curative effect with wait for disease to have certain.

Asparagus can alleviate exhaustion basically is the amine of day winter acyl that contains because of its. Modern medicine proves, amine of day winter acyl has a lot of special physiology effect to human body, can benefit pee, wait to have certain curative effect to heart disease, oedema, nephritis, gouty, kidney stone, have composed effect. Amine of day winter acyl and its salt kind, return the physical power that can enhance a person, eliminate exhaustion, conduce alleviates all over the symptom such as lack of listless, appetite.

Sweetbell redpepper

Sweetbell redpepper is a mutation of chili, extremely rich nutrition is contained in its fructification, vitamin C content is higher than aubergine, tomato, green pepper contains aromatic and bitter chili element, can stomachic, help is digested.

Sweetbell redpepper can alleviate exhaustion basically is fight oxidation vitamin and microelement because of what its contain a lot of, these elements can enhance the person’s physical power, those who because pressure of the job, life is caused,alleviate is fatigue.

What food can be helped alleviate fatigue

Qing Ning

Of a kind of cyan, the fruit with similar and citric appearance, taste is sourer than lemon. Qing Ning compares lemon commonly small, and contain rich vitamin C. Qing Ning has alkali sex, be considered as to treat the fine drug of the disease. Its can be helped relieve a cough, expectorant, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid be good at lienal, and loop and calcium absorb the blood to human body to all can rise to promote action character. In addition, its still can reduce cholesterol, eliminate exhaustion, increase immune power.

If muscle ache, with Qing Ning is in ache place graze, have slow and fatigue effect namely. Be like crural ministry ache, extract a Qing Ning juice interfuse a hot water, use dip base, the effect is outstanding.

Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings

Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings contains human body indispensible and amino acerbity class status is fuller, among them lysine and acid content of ammonia of essence of life are abounded especially, lysine has the function of development of stimulative children intelligence. Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, can prevent not only and treat ulcer of path of hepatic disease and stomach, bowel, and also suit hypertension patient, fat person edible of the old people in mixing.

The summer eats some of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings to have counteractive exhaustion more, remove fatigue effect quickly.

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