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Besides a day of 3 eat, the thing that people needs to eat in daily life still has a lot of, for instance delicious sweetmeats, it is a lot of ladies special a lot cate. Because almost everybody likes to eat sugary food, the food that perhaps should compare suffering tartly than those at least is more recipient. Actually sweetmeats also can be done in him home eat, so what method makes sweetmeats in family expenses?

How to do sweetmeats in the home?

Cake of ormosia coco juice


Beans 25 grams, coconut oar 150 grams, delicacy suckles 250 grams, corn is amylaceous 50 grams, saccharic 35 grams.


1.Use ormosia boiled water bubble half hour, thoroughly cook in reentry boiler but cuticular infrangible degree, fish out waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall reserves.

2.Put the other data that remain into boiler entirely, small fire is boiled slow, meantime needs ceaseless agitate to paper boiler in case, boil to thick stiff can.

3.Join the ormosia that thoroughlies cook drop to do water share gently agitate distributings to ormosia equably

4.Put into the mould of any form that you like or container cool, buckle with drawing of patterns of penknife edge edge come out can, but stripping and slicing or digging with spoon directly eat.

How to do sweetmeats in the home?

Dawdler cake


5 eggs, 4 spoon candy, flour


Add 5 eggs candy of on 4 spoon (do not add water) agitate keeps 10 minutes, add 7 spoon again fall into electric rice cooker directly after mix of full full flour is even (an oil avoids to stick boiler) , press after cooking to jump to heat preservation directly till electric rice cooker, break up to be ironed again become the both sides that sees now to have effect of the skin that nod a tiger. . . This is very convenient. . .

How to do sweetmeats in the home?

Small muffin of Russian type potato


Tomato patch two, low pink 120 grams, egg 2 () of albumen yoke departure, milk 120ML, wen Shui 60 grams,

Candy 5 grams, salt 2 grams, dry yeast 5 grams, butter 30 overcome


1. potato two flay evaporate are ripe (a when I use directly big potato)

2. presses mud or with manage makings machine makes mashed vegetable or fruit

3. yeast adds warm water to mix

4. low pink is added salt, candy mixes

5. adds dissolved yeasty water low pink li

6. adds milk

7. adds an egg to fizzle out two

The butter that 8. pours to lie between Shui Rong to change

9. mixes mix divide evenly, quiet place ferments 30-60 minute

Potato mashed vegetable or fruit is joined again after 10. ferments mix divide evenly

11. albumen dismisses

12. joins potato panada li

13. breaks up mix equably

14. prepares pan, enter panada dip with spoon (I was not cheered, directly decoct)

Small fire slow simmer in water reachs muffin in 15. the surface appears small hole

16. searchs an area carefully, again decoct comes other one side is small fizzle out can