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Article introduction

Balloonfish fish looks everyday, the figure can be roused when it is dangerous to be encountered when balloonfish fish only, the ball of a round circle that is like it seems that is same, exceedingly lovely. Contain acuteness noxiousness however with respect to a such more lovely river filefish, can appear every year because of edible the thing that toxic phenomenon appears after balloonfish fish. At the same time balloonfish fish also contains substantial nutrient part, edible balloonfish fish is right healthy the profit that has a lot of.

The effect of balloonfish fish

The effect of balloonfish fish

Suffer from rheumatism with Yujiu, lumbar leg is faint, oedema of lienal empty of aching and distressed; .

1. be good at lienal: Apply to disposition empty to lose, the Wan that carry changes faint be caused by is abdominal distension full, discharge of defecate jalf congealed, inappetence, limb tired is lack of power wait for disease.

2. diuresis detumescence: Endotoxin of can cleared body and redundant water are divided, stimulative blood and moisture are metabolic, have effect of oedema of diuresis, disappear.

The effect of balloonfish fish

3. balloonfish has dispel cold dehumidify, fall the effect such as blood pressure, acerbity to treating a waist leg is painful, restore energy spirit to also have certain effect. The toxin of balloonfish is dermatitis, whooping cough, asthma, tetanic to cure convulsion, stomach convulsion, enuresis, impotent wait for disease effect remarkable. The toxin of balloonfish also can use the aconite that make, if use the strong anodyne that its make, right of cancer patient acetanilide have apparent effect.

The applicable crowd of balloonfish fish

Balloonfish fish is general person can edible. But though old little all appropriate, as a result of balloonfish ovarian have with liver virulent, it is especially during spring balloonfish oviposit hepatic noxiousness is the strongest, when edible must careful, feed balloonfish like delicacy right now, want special attention to choose form of fresh live fish. Additional, balloonfish toxin can dissolve enters water, in acetic acid of easy dissolve Yu Xi.

The effect of balloonfish fish

The noxiousness of balloonfish fish

Balloonfish toxin puts arrive to reach blood at balloonfish spermary, ovarian, liver, lienal, egg, eyeball inside. The processing when if boil,be being fed is undeserved, can cause toxic. Make an appointment with half hours to come 3 hours after feed commonly inside, produce toxic symptom namely, appear first gastric bowel path is local and exciting symptom, consciousness of limb of afterwards criterion lip, tongue, fluctuation is slow; and finger tip blame very, move to limb gradually paralytic, breath is difficult, the skin empurples, pulse is petty frequency, blood pressure temperature all drops. Pupil comes loose big, dysphonia, send breath eventually paralytic and dead. When on one’s deathbed, consciousness mostly clear.

Emergency treatment processing:

Undertake gastric lavage in time, urge spit, cathartic, fluid infusion, correct electrolyte to reach acid mussily toxic, when necessary oxygen therapy. Folk uses Xian Gan Lan, bright reed rhizome each 4 2, abluent, pound juice to take.