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Article introduction

To the female, after becoming a mother from the woman, the female that although be in the home at ordinary times,won’t cook, also can do a lot of businesses for darling, can do various cate to darling for instance, everybody knows darling is in the process that grow is to need a lot of nurture to be maintained character healthy, the practice of darling nutrition noodle also is rife, next mask body introduce the practice of children nutrition noodle.

The practice of children nutrition noodle?

One, liver mud sodden face

Raw material: Liver mud 1 spoon, noodle 6, water 1/2 cup, saline a few.

The method that make:

Water boil, issue noodle boil;

Add liver mud and salt to continue to boil to noodle molten.

Nutrient classics:

The content of A of the vitamin in animal liver exceeds the food such as grandma, egg, flesh, fish far, have maintain grow normally and reproductive functionary action, often edible animal liver still can complement vitamin B2, this is important to compensatory airframe complementary enzymatic, the airframe that finish is a few righter of poisonous component go poison has main effect, and animal liver contains iron to abound, iron is the element with generation essential erythrocyte character.

Noodle is vitamin and mineral main source, embedded the vitamin B1 that maintains nerve to balance place to need, B2, B3, B6 and B9, still contain calcic, iron, phosphor, magnesian, Potassium and copper.

The practice of children nutrition noodle?

2, soup of egg face skin

Raw material: Egg 1, green vegetables 30 grams, flour is right amount.

The method that make:

Put flour the basin inside, add egg fluid and a few water, mix dough, the roll after been knead becomes chip, cut small again stand-by;

End; is cut after green Lai choose is washed clean

Boiler get angry, burn into right amount water, leave an area next piece, thoroughly cook green vegetables end is added after rotting, boil again to dish soft sodden can.

Nutrient classics:

What the egg contains rich protein, adipose, vitamin and iron, calcic, Potassium to wait for human body place to need is mineral contain a lot ofelement of DHA and lecithin, yolk, right neurological with body development advantageous, can beneficial of be good at head wisdom, improve memory.

3, face of chicken of cold and dressed with sause

Material: Fine dried noodles 20 grams, chicken end end of 20 grams, carrot mud, spinach each 10 grams, half egg is hit into juice.

The method that make:

Fine dried noodles is cut short thoroughly cook its with soup-stock 100ML.

Put end of chicken end, carrot mud, spinach into soup-stock together, add egg juice and agitate divide evenly, small fire is boiled to till the egg is ripe, put cool can edible.

Nutrient classics:

Chicken meat is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious. The protein content in chicken is more than beef and pork, in addition chicken still contains B of calcic, phosphor, iron and rich vitamin E, vitamin, Nick the material such as acid.

4, noodles in soup of dish of shelled fresh shrimps

Material: Dragon needs a range, shelled fresh shrimps, green vegetables heart, right amount clear soup, ripe plant is oily.


a surname beard face loses paragraphs small, in putting boiling water, boil soft boil sodden take out reserve.

Thoroughly cook shelled fresh shrimps chop, after boiled water of green vegetables heart is hot mincing reserve.

Will broken noodle, ripe shelled fresh shrimps and right amount clear soup put bowl together inside, after conflagration is boiled, small fire boils 3-5 again minute.

Add dish heart end next, agitate boils 2-3 again equably minute, add ripe vegetable oil to be boiled a bit finally become namely.

Nutrient classics:

Shrimp flesh contains richer protein and calcium, tie-in green vegetables assures rich vitamin. Allergic to sea product darling needs the time that defer adds.

The practice of children nutrition noodle?

5, Chinese cabbage sodden noodle

Material: Fine dried noodles, chinese cabbage, vegetable oil

The method that make:

Chinese cabbage is abluent cut into shreds.

Fine dried noodles is broken, in be being put into boiled water boiler, small fire turns after leaving, join Chinese cabbage silk at the same time, drop a few plants are oily, boiler goes out after thoroughlying cook.

Nutrient classics:

Noodle mouthfeel is exquisite, suit darling edible particularly, deserve to go up again fresh shrimp meat and the Chinese cabbage that contain rich vitamin, it is a health delicate nutrient eat.

6, noodle of wax gourd ground meat

Material: Wax gourd, pork end, dragon needs a range, right amount clear soup, ripe vegetable oil

The method that make:

Wax gourd is abluent flay stripping and slicing, small are cut to reserve after be thoroughlied cook in boiling water.

noodle park boiling water in, after thoroughlying cook, take out, the agitate that use spoon becomes short noodle.

ripe ground meat, wax gourd piece and sodden noodle, join clear soup conflagration to be boiled, small fire stew is boiled to noodle know sth thoroughly can.

Nutrient classics:

Wax gourd has the effect of the clear hot weather that heat up solution, phlegmy to alleviating heat coughs asthma is helpful also. Wax gourd contains potassium and vitamin C very rich, do not contain adipose. Suit to compare fat baby.