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At ordinary times the tea that people can drink a lot of sort, drinking green tea these days is more, be in especially summer when, green tea is very welcome, it is OK that summer drinks green tea the day heats up satisfy one’s thirst, still torrid weather makes favor mood becomes easily be agitated, drink green tea at that time very good also, when perhaps feeling body and mind is fatigue, can drink green tea the help is life-giving wake head, china’s very famous 10 big green tea introduce for everybody below.

What do 10 big green tea of Chinese have respectively?

Chinese green tea 10 names tea:

History of Chinese tea culture is long, tea sort is various, contest conflicting is colourful, show let a hundred flowers blossom luxuriant, make 10 thousand lis of the land of country enchanting especially. Chinese well-known tea is the curiosa in tea of breed of numerous design and color.

One, green tea: West lake Dragon Well tea

West lake Dragon Well tea, first what be Chinese well-known tea. Originate in Zhejiang Hangzhou west lake a mountainous area. Come for years, hangzhou is the seat of world-famous beautiful west lake not only, also be tea of Dragon Well tea of famed and abroad west lake yield the ground. West lake group hill produces tea to already had the history 100000, long when Tang Dynasty negative great reputation, but the tea of Dragon Well tea that formed flat body, still be the thing of nearly hundred years about. According to legend, when Hangzhou of Qianlong emperor tour of inspection, ever made a poetry in the Tian Zhu of area of tea of Dragon Well tea, poetic name is ” view collect tea to make a song ” . The making craft of west lake Dragon Well tea, belong to the green tea that fry blueness. Dry tea is compressed light show, show emerald, after the spring that runs with the tiger adds glass to develop bubble, tea soup olivine is clear, entrance flavor little feel well, labial tine stays sweet.

What do 10 big green tea of Chinese have respectively?

2, green tea: Snail of green jade of hole front courtyard spring

Green jade the producing area of snail spring is to be in city of Jiangsu province Suzhou county too the lake of thing hole front courtyard of the lake is taken.

Green jade snail spring is in place the earliest making a way is ” scare evil spirit person sweet ” . Once, kang Xi’s emperor is when You Taihu of make one’s rounds, after drinking this tea, dragon colour exultation, but feel this tea name not appeal to refined taste, moral seeing tea is like snail shape, name its then for ” green jade snail spring ” . Green jade when snail spring is developing bubble, taste with other tea different is, first water, send tea again. Because of green jade snail spring becomes curly state, can sink in water. After strong bubble, massiness of Gantian of flavor bright alcohol, aftertaste.

3, green tea: Believe in relief Mao Jian

The Mao Jian that believe this world weighs Yu Maofeng again, it is Henan saves one of famous and agrestic products, it all the time with its distinctive color ” fine, round, smooth, straight, much Bai Hao, sweet tall, flavour thick, Shang Se is green ” famed far and near. Su Dongpo of old writer of Northen Song Dynasty tastes well-known tea to carry a pen to wield one’s writing brush for its support line: “The tea austral the Huaihe River believes this world the first ” . Even and orderly of pointed appearance of the wool that believe this world, show a unit of length of tea of viridian luster, white remarkable, light smell does tea, have those who be just as Chinese chestnut is ripe sweet, aroma is sterling soar. After strong bubble, settleclear clear of tea soup olivine, tea is sweet pure and fresh soar, entrance flavor delicacy is mellow tastily.

4, yellow tea: Jun Shanyin needle

Jun Shanyin needle belongs to yellow tea, it is Huang Chazhong’s curiosa. This tea originates in the Jun Shan in lake of front courtyard of in relief hole of Hunan high mountain, because of its be similar in shape of finished product tea is like a needle, and name. History of Jun Shan tea is long, tang Dynasty already was produced, famous. Allegedly civil when getting married into the princess, choose took tea of Jun Shanyin needle to take Tibet. Head of bud of appearance of Jun Shanyin needle is husky and straightforward, fluff wraps around lid, colour and lustre is golden and shining; Endoplasm aroma is high pure, flavor bright is sweet; Head of the bud when strong bubble is held out continuously in glass erect.

5, green tea: Yellow Shan Maofeng

Tea of peak of yellow hill wool originates in yellow hill of the Anhui province. Huang Shan is China’s well-known view scenic spot area. Yellow Shan Maofeng but the prosperous period of restrospect to Tang Chao, expand as commerce further when Ming Dynasty, in quiet day Guang Xunian asks mass-produced, hind gradually renown raise the world. Tongue of sparrow of its be similar in shape, divide evenly Qi Zhuang is solid, the peak shows fine long hair to show, color is like ivory, yu Xiejin is yellow; Faint scent grows high, soup color is clear, flavor Xian Nong, full-bodied, pleasant is sweet, foliaceous copy is tender yellow, cheng Duo of stout and strong. Among them ” gold piece ” and ” ivory color ” it is fancy Huang Shan Mao Feng appearance and other Mao Feng’s different two big apparent features.

What do 10 big green tea of Chinese have respectively?

6, oolong: Wu Yiyan tea

Tea of fierce exterminate cliff is oolong kind, belong to ferment partly green tea, originate in Fujian north to have ” strange beautiful shell at southeast ” praise a Shan Wuyi hill, tea tree grows in cliff to seam in. Tea of fierce exterminate cliff holds the Gan Chun of the faint scent of green tea, black tea concurrently, and provide alone ” cliff bone flower is sweet ” , “Cliff charm ” it is the feature with Wu Yiyan particular tea. Component of product of tea of fierce exterminate cliff is 5 breed series: Cong Heji plants narcissus, cinnamonic, bright red gown, name.

7, oolong: Anxi a variety of oolong tea

The tea that belong to blueness kind, it is the name in Chinese oolong tastes tea, advocate produce an area to be in the Fujian Province western ” inside Anxi ” . Anxi a variety of oolong tea the history of tea is of long standing and well established, the king in the tea that be called. Anxi county is in a mountainous area, its friendly climate, abundant rainfall, make tea tree grows exuberant, phyletic and various. With Anxi a variety of oolong tea already brown of colour and lustre of its finished product is green, heavy be like iron, tea is sweet thick fragrant, rival avalokitesvara clean water and get this holy name.

8, green tea: Dou Yun wool is pointed

Needle of Dou Yun wool is Chinese well-known tea, it is Guizhou more one of 3 names tea. Dou Yun wool is pointed advocate in producing an area to be located in the hill that foot of round hill, chirp, big chamfer takes. Needle of Dou Yun wool has long manufacturing history, it is palace tribute tea early in period of bright Qing Dynasty, become face emperor love, be named to be by emperor of bright the Chongzhen Emperor ” fishhook tea ” . After making tea taste, dry tea all alone even and orderly of curly, appearance, show a unit of length of tea of olive, white remarkable. The belt in Shanglu of the tea after strong bubble is yellow, clear, pleasant of entrance flavor Xian Nong, aftertaste is sweet, qing Dynasty of the aroma in tea soup is tender.

9, black tea: Black tea of a surname door

Black tea of a surname door, the county of a surname door that thes foot of a hill or mountain because of originating in yellow Shanxi formerly and get a name, it is the curiosa in black tea of Chinese traditional time, element has ” the heroes in tea ” , ” beautiful women or fragrant flowers most ” , ” princely tea ” wait for the United States praise, coming for years is pragmatic ceremony tea of China all the time. Yield of local tea breed is high, quality is good, cultivate in rich Titian soil, is awaited gentle, rainfall is enough, sunshine moderate, make blade softness rich, water-solubility material is rich. Tea of black tea of a surname door all alone tightens embellish of black of fine Miao Xiu, colour and lustre, Jin Hao to show, Shang Segong is colourful to one’s heart’s content of Xian Chun of bright, flavor is thick, aroma faint scent is especially long.

10, green tea: 6 install melon piece

6 install melon piece, well-known tea of China tradition history, one of 10 big well-known tea of Chinese, abbreviation melon piece, piece tea, produce from the Anhui province 6 install city to fasten hill to be taken greatly, the Tang Dynasty say ” cottage city 6 install tea ” , for well-known tea; Bright only then say ” 6 install melon piece ” , for tea of top grade, highest grade; Qing Dynasty is tea of imperial court tribute. In Tang Dynasty, great poet Li Bai has to its ” the water in Yang Zijiang, the tea on neat cloud top ” word of praise. Song Dai has tea more in ” high-quality goods ” praise. Because use simple leaf to be raw material, make 6 install melon piece if brim of melon seeds shape, lamina coils,tea tastes an appearance become warped, present Bao Lurun even and orderly of bright color, size. After strong bubble, tea soup olivine is clear, cent of tea sweet Qing Dynasty is tangy, entrance delicacy is mellow, time sweet Gan Run.