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Article introduction

Ice cream this very delicious food, do not know you special have deep love for? In me the person has deep love for state-owned great majority exceedingly eat ice cream, it is almost should eat every day, hot even when rising one day eats several possible, some puerperas also are special have deep love for those who eat ice cream, but? Can the puerpera eat ice cream after all? The puerpera can be special avoid certain food to eating thing, actually the puerpera wants those who notice proper limits for speech or action to eat, just gave birth to the child to still be in for instance confined the puerpera when is inedible, and can eat when it is certain that darling arrived.

Can the puerpera eat ice cream

Ice cream is with breast of drinking water, ox, milk powder, butter (or vegetable oil) , sugar for main raw material, join right amount additive agent for food, via mixing, sterilization, all qualitative, ageing, coagulate the refrigerant drink that the bulk that the craft such as aspic, sclerosis makes expands.

Pregnant woman should eat ice cream less

1, because be pregnant,can make function of intestines and stomach abate, after eating overmuch ice cream make blood-vessel of pregnant woman intestines and stomach contracts suddenly easily, bring about gastric juice to secrete reduce, digestive function also is met abate, then has cause an abdomen to ache, the phenomenon of diarrhoea. . Fetal very sensitive to cold stimulation, after pregnant woman excessive feeds cold drinks and snacks, fetal have move restlessly to react disturbedly.

2, the bazoo of pregnant woman, pharynx, tracheal etc respiratory tract mucous membrane often congests and companion has oedema, if had eaten much ice cream suddenly or cold drink, what can let hyperaemia is vasomotor, bring about local resistance to drop, make conceal is in the bacterium in guttural, tracheal, nasal cavity, oral cavity and virus seize the opportunity and person, cause voice painful dumb, cough, have a headache etc. Serious when can cause infection of the upper respiratory tract.

3, sugar is contained in ice cream component is higher, it is too much and easy to eat cause tall blood sugar. Ice cream distributes food for high in syrup, the female wants when be pregnant careful eat tall saccharide food, wait like ice cream, honey, absorb overmuch candy cent to will bring about female tall blood sugar, gravid diabetic wait.

Can the puerpera eat ice cream

4, freezing provision contains a bacteria possibly also, freezer is not asepsis box, certain bacteria may infect ice cream to go up, the acute gastroenteritis such as bellyacke, diarrhoea may be caused after pregnant woman eats.

5, of excessive feed ice-lolly, ice cream to be able to injure gastric mucous membrane, and regular cold stimulation, can make gastric mucous membrane vasomotor again, gastric juice is secreted decrease, cause appetite to drop with indigestion, time became long still can get gastric disease. The person that have disease of path of urgent chronic intestines and stomach to sufferring from especially, should eat less more or do not eat.

6, excessive drinks cold drink to cause indigestion easily, of overmuch cold drink absorb, can cause gastric mucous membrane not only vasomotor, gastric juice is secreted decrease, the peristalsis after alvine path suffers cold stimulation is accelerated, affect what airframe pledges to nurture to absorb, cause the gastric bowel such as dyspeptic, bellyacke, diarrhoea thereby path symptom. And after a large number of cold drink enter the mouth, guttural mucous membrane encounters cold systole, resistance is reduced, make conceal gets a change to step in in the bacterium of guttural ministry, cause the disease such as the cold easily. The bacteria of freezing food is killed by microtherm certainly, edible is very safe.

7, cause quickening frequency easily to increase. If pregnant woman has an insatiable desire for him temporarily bright, after having next overmuch ice cream or cold drink, may bring about fetal meeting to have move restlessly disturbed phenomenon, because cold stimulation is right fetal for it is very sensitive. Ice cream is cold storage food, pregnant woman eats ice cream to bring about palace easily to shrink, if inchoate excessive absorbs pregnant,ice cream causes the likelihood premature delivery then or abort.

8, if absorb too much ice cream,bring about fetal deformation easily. This is not the problem with cooler ice cream, many sugar is contained in ice cream however, get online the candy cent that if edible is many,sees, may bring about pregnancy blood sugar to lift, final even meeting brings about our blood to show acidity, bring about fetal deformation easily.

Sweet clew: Ice cream belongs to the no-no food of pregnant woman, now and then touch a bit probably the question is not big, but for darling grow and of oneself healthy, it is advisable that proposal pregnant woman does not eat ice cream.

Can the puerpera eat ice cream

Can lactation eat ice cream:

Icy ice cream can help people take away the summer hotly, but not be everybody however can enjoy ice cream to bring to the top of one’s bent this kind is cool. The food of lactation mom has very big effect to the health of darling, ice cream is too cool, lactation mother has much appear easily the symptom of diarrhoea bellyacke. So lactation mother should eat ice cream less.

Of course, ice cream is not lactation ban eat article. If be in phlogistic summer of intense heat of summer, mother can have solution of little ice cream to satisfy a craving for delicious food, because mom and darling body differ and particular case is decided. Some mother had taken the appearance that diarrhoea can appear after ice cream, such although ate little only, darling also can eat through milk, can cause darling diarrhoea other perhaps disease.

So the mother of lactation of this kind of freezing food eats ice cream less still had better. Best draft fruit also wants lukewarm move to eat, such is opposite darling is beneficial also.

Lactation mother has the harm of ice cream:

1, the gastric bowel function as a result of lactation mom is weaker, after eating food of much raw or cold food make gastric bowel blood-vessel easily abrupt contractive, gastric juice is secreted decrease, digestive function is reduced, the symptom such as occurrence bellyacke, diarrhoea.

2, the bazoo as a result of lactation mom, pharynx, tracheal etc respiratory tract mucous membrane often congests and companion has oedema, if have the cold drink of and so on of too much ice cream, bloodshot blood-vessel contracts suddenly, blood decreases, can send local resistance to reduce, make conceal is in the bacterium in guttural, tracheal, nasal cavity, oral cavity and virus seize the opportunity and person, cause voice painful dumb, cough, have a headache etc. Serious when can cause the upper respiratory tract to affect or cause tonsil phlogistic.

3, lactation mother does not have ice cream cold drink too much, because meet,arrive through galactic influence darling, the baby with young resistance gets used to galactic change hard, with respect to very incidental diarrhoea. Be in especially darling already have loose bowels or it is a stomach when bowel is bad, mom should not drink cold drink to eat ice cream more.