[cherry rotted still can eat] _ influence _ is endangered – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Cherry is summertime fruit. Because cherry build is small, and mature cherry will be softer, be squashed to prevent cherry, entire case is inside supermarket of a lot of moment sell cherry. Cherry vitamin is much, the price of cherry is higher also at the same time, between the fruit, cherry is those who compare luxury. If that was bought discover to there is a small to rot above cherry after cherry, can we still continue to eat it?

 Cherry rotted can still eat

The fruit begins bad to had better not eat, can produce harmful to human body material. If be an apple, bad not quite serious and OK ream is bad, take good in part.

But cherry fruit not quite, a bit bad whole meeting is affected. Bad to health.

Cherry is certain Li Shu kind floral a general designation, include subgenus of cherry of cherry subgenus, acerbity cherry subgenus, laurel to wait. Arboreal, tall 2-6 rice, bark hoar. Rod dust-colour, burgeon green, do not have wool or by scanty fluff. Form of wintry bud egg, without wool.

Fructification can regard a fruit as edible, outside colour and lustre is bright-coloured, glittering and translucent beauty, red be like agate, huang Runing fat, fructification contains a lot ofa variety of elements such as candy, protein, vitamin and calcium, iron, phosphor, Potassium.

 Cherry rotted can still eat

The cherry on the world basically distributings in and other places of the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, Europe, chinese main source has Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Henan, Gansu Province, Shaanxi, Sichuan to wait.

Arboreal, tall 2-6 rice, bark hoar. Rod dust-colour, burgeon green, do not have wool or by scanty fluff. Form of wintry bud egg, without wool. Blade egg form or form of egg of shape length a circle, long 5-12 centimeter, wide 3-5 centimeter, tip gradually needle or end account gradually pointed, base ministry circle, the edge has acuteness to weigh toothed, age end has glandule system, above sap green, do not have wool nearly, below virescent, there is few and far between fluff between edge arteries and veins or arteries and veins, 9-11 of side arteries and veins grows 0.7-1.5 to; Xie Bing centimeter, by scanty fluff, tip has 1 or stipule of; of body of 2 big gland falls early, wrap around needle form, have an a tooth-like part of anything that crack gland.

 Cherry rotted can still eat

Shape of inflorescence umbrella room or close umbrella form, 3-6 having a flower, first Xie Kaifang; always luxuriants egg shape is elliptic, brown, grow about 5 millimeter, wide about 3 millimeter, the edge has gland tine; peduncular long 0.8-1.9 centimeter, by shape of bell of canister of calyx of scanty fluff; , grow 3-6 millimeter, wide 2-3 millimeter, outside by scanty fluff, circle of sepal triangle egg or egg shape grow a circle, tip urgent needle or blunt, brim whole reason, the half of the long canister that it is a calyx or cross half; petaline white, egg circle, below tip sunken or 2 crack; staminal 30-35, cultivator can amount to 50. Style and stamen are close wait long, without wool. Drupe is close globose, gules, diametical 0.9-1.3 centimeter. Florescence 3-4 month, month of fruit period 5-6.